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The benefit of owning a brothel procures a significant, extensive measure of cash. This can empower the government to exploit an immense wellspring of revenue. Taxing a large number of prostitutes per brothel can likewise aid the revenue that the legislature will acquire. This will make another division in the market which will help the Canadian economy. This may help Canada’s moderate economy. Furthermore, government can utilize the revenue collected and contribute towards human health care services for the sex workers, and criminal  implementation for prostitution. “By legalizing, licensing and taxing the sex trade, however, government could tap into a major source of revenue. According to Ross MacInnes, a staff sergeant in the Calgary vice unit, Calgary will see 1,500 different prostitutes this year…Their combined take would be some $4.5 million per month, or $54 million annually.” (Sillars 13) The substantial wellspring of revenue in the prostitution field can be an exceptionally significant asset for the provincial government to secure. As shown by the evidence, roughly “1500 different prostitutes” will join in Calgary’s prostitution field. As a result of the expansion of sex-workers, the revenue would expand roughly to a joined aggregate of “$4.5 million every month, or $54 million yearly”. This will help Canada’s economy and the organization itself if this occupation is legitimate. This way, the undeniable arrangement is to transform prostitution into a business that can be directed, checked and taxed (increment government revenue) like each different business. This generating revenue collected through various brothels would also likewise go into hospitals. Legalizing brothels in Canada would likely increase the quantity of sex-workers, and men being offered the sex services, however it would give the sex workers the labor work rights, and require all workers to take a routine health exam and would actually decrease the burden of the government, if they were to use brothel’s revenue in this field. Subsequently, the legitimization of the occupation of prostitution ought to be legitimate.