The and by strong competition among the

The Punjab hospitality industry has
emerged as one of the key industries driving the growth of the services Sector
and, thereby, promoting the Indian economy. Communication has become the life blood
for promoting good relationships between the media and the hospitality industry.
Corporate Communication strategies in hospitality establishments involve
communications with internal and external customers to promote an understanding
of the organization. To attract consumers among various choices in this highly competitive
market, there are many marketing and management tools and Media is the most
prominent among them. Media plays a positive role in constructing images of
locations, activities and identities of a particular hotel. Public relations as
a major instrument of media, not only attracts visitors but also to keep them
happy after they arrive in the hotel. Media communication strategies support
sales and marketing activities attempting to build up a positive image of a
company and its products and services. Increased competition in the hotel
industry forces the operators to create awareness of a new product or facility
for the customers.

The Hospitality market is characterized
by freedom of choice on the part of the individual in terms of the selection of
Hotel, transport mode and so on and by strong competition among the various
segments of this industry. Hotel Companies are still building their images by
travel and tourism brochures and advertisements. However, today, the press is
taking the Hotel Industry more seriously. A reason for that change is that
industry communicators have succeeded in convincing journalists that
Hospitality has a powerful impact on local and national economies.  For example, Hotel PR practitioners attract
tourists through well written news releases and creative e-mail “pitches”
designed to persuade them to visit again. Promotion in the hospitality industry
is essential in order to establish or change the image of the organization,
generate sales and send messages to the public. The manager of a hospitality
establishment can create a customer through advertisement, sales promotion, and
public relations. Behind each of these, Originality, Imagination, Appearance,
Appeal and salesmanship are the tactical instruments, through which the company
is able to raise its awareness, communicate its value and bring its potential
customers. The guests or tourists convert their economic resources into wealth
when they rent rooms and buy meals and other goods and services from the hotel.

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A good communication strategy increases
the success of the hotel industry to accurately transmit the services’
benefits, and to have that message positively received by the tourist. Sales
and Marketing has become one of the vital functions of the hotel business and
an integral part of modern Hotel Management. It includes packaging for Sales,
Selling, Promotion, Advertising and Public relations. Marketing is one of the
best communication strategies which helps the hotel industry to avoid
unnecessary Operational and sales costs by helping to develop products.

The research aimed to provide the most
Comprehensive guide to Communication strategies for promotion of the Hotel
Industry in Punjab which will cover the regions of Majha, Doaba and Malwa.
Results of the survey empowered industry stakeholders such as owners,
investors, operators, business analysts and researchers with information on the
operational aspects of the industry. The research helped guests or tourists to  ascertain the benchmark performance of various
hotel operations.