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The human anatomy of the body includes everything you
can find on a body. Stuff from the things you can see such as skin, hair or
other outer body parts, to the individual’s respiratory system, skeletal
system, cardiovascular system, nervous system, and
much more such as urinary, digestive and
reproductive. But we won’t be covering all of these. Only the basic parts of
the human body like the skeletal system, integumentary system, and
cardiovascular system.

human skeleton is one of the most important parts of the human body. It
provides a large number of benefits for
us that without would be very dangerous to not have. The main functions of
bones are Protection, Assisted movement, Storage of minerals and Energy, and
Blood cell production.

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skeleton provides protection to your vital organs in your body. Examples
include your skull protecting your brain and your ribcage protecting your heart
and lungs. Skeletal muscles are attached to bones so when the muscles contract
the bones will move helping you move around. The red bone marrow inside of bones
produce red blood cells and your bones also store minerals like Calcium and
your bone marrow has a chemical called adipose cells which an important energy

also have the integumentary system which is also important to our survival.
This system includes the largest organ in the human body which is the skin.
This system is important as it’s the first line
of defense from foreign organisms, it helps keep body temperature stable, it
can sense pain or touch, it can help remove waste from the body in the form of
sweat, and helps produce vitamin D. 

            The skin
helps protect the body from foreign invaders
who may make you sick and in extreme cases can cause severe illness which can kill
you. Temperature regulation can be from the outside temperature changing and your
body protecting you from getting too cold
or releasing sweat to keep you cool which sweat can also be waste your body is disposing of. It also helps produce vitamin D which
helps regulate calcium and phosphorus levels which are important for having healthy

we have the cardiovascular system which is the center of our body. The cardiovascular
system is made up of the heart and circulatory
system. Your heart is basically a pump which pushes blood to places it needs to
be such as organs, tissues and, cells in the body. The blood provides oxygen and
important nutrients that your body and blood cells need and helps remove the carbon
dioxide that the cells in your body produce.
Blood is continually cycled through your body returning to the heart through veins.
An interesting fact about the human veins is that laid end to end a human body has
enough length in veins to circle the earth twice. (The Franklin
Institute, n.d.)
The arteries pull blood from the heart that has plenty of oxygen in it while veins
return blood to the heart that has a poor amount of oxygen in it.


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