The Ziegler, a 54 year old illegal German

The Business Proponents: Organizers with their
Capabilities and Contributions


Restaurant Team

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Marco Hindenburg, successful
sous chef with 4 years of experience under his belt working in 5 star Hotels
such as Marco Polo and Radisson Blu.


Lizzie Brand, an 18 year old
high school graduate who is more than eager to have a job working as a cashier
in a café.


John Baily, an 18 year old high
school graduate seeking for a steady financial supply to support his culinary
diploma courses.

Carwash Team

Car washers

Ronald Bailey, a 56 year old
china man with 25+ years of experience in washing cars.

Adolf Ziegler, a 54 year old
illegal German immigrant with 32+ years of experience in washing cars.

Maintenance Team


Micheal Rease, a 23 year old
college graduate with 2 years of working experience in CEBECO.


Jocelyn Granin, an 18 year old
Russian-American who has a love for monotonous cleanup work.

Rokhan Jido, an 18 year old
Japanese immigrant who moved to the Philippines in a soul searching journey.

Management Team


Janice Park, a 19 year old
Korean business woman who enjoys watching cat videos in her spare time.


Eduardo Mendoza, an 18 year old
high school dropout, and a former addict who recently went out of rehab. 

Toll Gate Cashiers

Dina Baltimore, a 23 year old
former toll gate cashier of the Ayala Parking Lot.

Rhovich Gavin, a 31 year old
former toll gate cashier working on EDSA I.


Gregovich Brovnik, a 54 year old former KGB
Operative.IV. The Market Justification

                Target Customers

The notable
traits that the selected group of customers shared are their nature to travel
often so frequently in groups. We can capitalize on that aspect, as we not only
offer affordable parking space but also topnotch food and beverages, all to
cater in their needs.

Cappuccino is a
favorite among Teenage groups, as they usually spend most of their free time
engaging in long sessions of chatting.

Families often
go for the ones that are heavy in the stomach and to provide satisfaction to
their hunger as they go for long sessions of driving.

Tourists would
always enjoy international flavors especially when they indulge them in foreign

Flavors that
compliment a romantic atmosphere is a welcome product to couples.

















V. The Market Analysis






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