There are many types of information systems


          There are
many types of information systems that the business are using nowadays. And I
would like to explain about some of the popular information systems. They are –

ERP (Enterprise resource planning)

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CRM (Customer Relationship Management)

SCM (Supply Chain Management)

TPS (transaction processing systems)

MIS (Management Information System)

(Enterprise resource planning)

            The ERP (Enterprise resource
planning) system is the suite of applications t that helps the business by collecting the data from the various key
business processes in manufacturing, production, finance and accounting, sales
and marketing human resources and in storing the data in the central data storage (database). This system
is used in large business companies which has to work with the world wide

          The ERP
system speeds up the information transferring through the company and it makes
the business easy to manage their daily operations. ERP system tracks the
business resources that need in planning like raw materials, production, orders
from customers, cashes, purchasing orders and payroll of the employees.

          The ERP
system makes the business companies to respond the customers immediately while the company can work on the producing and
stocking the materials without any mistakes. That’s why they can serve the
customers to 100% satisfaction with accurate order shipping times, and least
costs for shipping.

          The purpose of the ERP system is to
provide the business in the production and manufacturing part. It can improve
the decision making process of manufacturing the products. And the company’s
head office can get the up-to-date news of their products selling systems, and
the information about the inventory so they can use the information to restock
their products or promote their products where their product is best-selling.
It also provide the company-wide information for the managers to analyze the
profits of the company.

          For example, the NetSuite ERP software
– the ERP target companies that uses ERP for financial management, billing,
order management and inventory management.

Example of ERP software

Benefits of ERP

            The ERP software gives the company’s users, and especially managers,
the tools they need to create more accurate forecasts. So, businesses
can make realistic estimates and more effective forecasts. It allows
manufacturers to proactively manage operations, prevents disruptions and
delays, breaks up information logjams and helps users make decisions more

          And using the
ERP software can access to the centralized database from anywhere. And ERP can
make the reporting easier and more customizable. And the ERP software will
improve the accuracy, consistency, and security of data, all through built-in
resources and firewalls


Suitable Area for the
GLOBAL Company (D3)

ERP allows an organization to use a system of integrated
applications to manage the business and
automate many back office functions related to technology, services and human resources. ERP systems help the transaction and financial aspects of a business allowing
you to monitor and track stocks right from purchase to when they are sold. ERP
is also used as a management tool for the large companies like GLOBAL Company. It
can be used a reference role for IT and pressured the company to competitive
advantages. So, in GLOBAL Company, the
ERP Software can be used in every area. ERP Software can easily manages Sales & Distribution, Inventory,
Production, Manufacturing and Quality Control. It can also control the financial
Accounting, Payroll Management, Business Analytics, and Warehouse Management.

(Customer Relationship Management)

          The purpose
of the customer relationship management (CRM) is to help the firms to manage their customers’ relationships. It
also means the strategies and technologies that companies use to manage and
analyze customer interactions. CRM provides the business with the information
in sales, marketing, customer satisfaction, retention and their revenue. And
the business firms use that information to attract,
and identify the most profitable customer types and can produce more products
related to the customer types and increase their sales.

          The CRM
system can develop the firm’s customer relationships from multiple
communication channels such as email,
telephone, websites and retail outlets. They can gather the customers’
feedback from them and get to know their preferred ways to help the firms
increase their effectiveness in marketing and to provide better customer

          There are
four main vendors of the CRM system that the large corporations use. They are, SAP, Oracle and Microsoft. Some examples of CRM software is Claritysoft software.

Benefits of using CRM
(Customer Relationship management)

          Before the
CRM system, the data of the customers are spread all over the office productivity suite documents, email
systems, mobile phone data and even paper note cards and Rolodex entries.
Storing all the data from all departments (e.g., sales, marketing, customer
service and HR) in a central location gives management and employees immediate
access to the most recent data when they need it. 

The CRM system can store your all business data and can access them
from a single location. The benefit also include that the firm can view all
the customers’ information and fitful their needs as fast as possible.

For example: the
Saab U.S.A which produces Saab vehicles implemented three CRM applications and
they are able to have 360-degree view of their each customers, including the
service-related questions from the customers and the marketing status. And
Saab’s sales has increased from 38% to 50% and the customer satisfaction rate
increased from 68% to 75%.

Example of CRM software





Suitable Area for the
GLOBAL Company (D3)

          The CRM can
store the customer and prospect contact
information, identify the sales information, finding the sales opportunities,
and recording the service issues of the company in one central location.
And those information taken are used to meet the services with the great
customers’ satisfaction. This will make many customers to be attracted to the
GLOBAL Company. So, the suitable area of
CRM in the GLOBAL Company is sales and marketing system.

SCM (Supply
Chain Management)

          Supply Chain
Management is the term to help the
businesses manage their relationship with the suppliers. The SCM can
provide the information to help the suppliers, and distributors to share the
data about the orders, inventory, delivery and productions so that they can
produce, deliver and give services efficiently. Supply
chains cover everything from production, to product development, to the
information systems needed to direct these undertakings.

Supply chain management includes suppliers,
manufacturers and retailers that distribute the product to the end customer.
It includes every business that are in contact with a particular product,
including companies that assemble and deliver component parts to the
manufacturer. Example of SCM software is Capterra

Benefits of SCM

            If the company and its
associated suppliers do not have accurate information, the company is most
likely to be in burden by the extra unneeded inventories, wrong manufacturing
plans, and the company may miss out the production schedules.

          Effective supply chain management enables companies to improve product flow through accurate
demand and sales forecasting and also improve inventory management and it
can used to avoid underproduction of the products.

          And the SCM system increases the firm’s profitability by lowering the costs of the products and
helping the managers to divide about how to organize, schedule and distribute
the products. And from a recent research, the SCM can reduce the overtime
working by 25 percent.

For example: the
Walgreens pharmacy company, the second largest pharmaceutical chain in the
United States implemented a forward-looking SCM
that synthesizes relevant data and uses analytics to forecast customer purchase
behavior. And by using the SCM, the company can reduce the unneeded inventory
items and all of the excess associated costs related to the inventories.

Suitable Area for the GLOBAL Company (D3)

            The GLOBAL Company can use the SCM system to increase the customer value and to
develop advantages over the competition. It can be used to increase the
efficiency of the information, to remove data lags and to save costs. SCM is
used to controls the financial and production flows of the company. The SCM can
also help the buyers, and distributors to let them know about the information
of their orders. So, the SCM can help
maintaining the production rates of the company and thus helping to increase
the inventory management system too. So, we suggest you to use SCM in the production and manufacturing system of
the GLOBAL Company.

Example of SCM software

TPS (Transaction
Processing system)

transaction processing system keep
tracks of the sales, flow of materials in the company, receipts, payrolls, and
cash deposits. It is a computerized system that performs and records the
daily transactions that are necessary to conduct the business such as hotel
reservations, payroll, employee record keeping and shipping items.

          The purpose of the TPS is to rapidly
process the transactions to ensure the data flow is smooth and the progression
of processes throughout the enterprise, and to track the flow of transaction
through the organization. An example of
the TPS software is IBM Transaction Processing Facility (TPF).

Benefits of TPS

          The features
of the TPS includes reliability. The
customers will not let a mistake happen. So, the TPS systems are to make sure
that they are designed to incorporate the comprehensive safeguards and disaster
recovery systems. Another feature includes rapid
processing. The TPS are designed to process the transactions virtually
instantly to make sure that the customer data are available to make further
processes. TPS also features controlled
security. Because some access must be restricted to only the employees
whose job for to use. So, that means the employees who don’t know about the
transaction process can’t interfere it.


Suitable Area for the
GLOBAL Company (D3)

            The GLOBAL Company can use it to
make records of credits and memo records. They can use it in the data recording
section of the company. Transaction processing systems can collect data, and
store it for present and future use. And it can be used in collecting the
customers’ order and payment system. So, the TPS is the most suitable for the finance and accounting system of the
GLOBAL Company.

Example of TPS software

MIS (Management
Information System)

          Management Information Systems (MIS) is the study of
people, technology, organizations, and the relationships among them. MIS deals
with the behavioral issues and also the
technical issues that are surrounding the development, uses and the impacts of
the information systems used by the managers and employees in the firm.  

          The purpose of MIS is to
help the managers in making decisions and to make that decisions more efficient
and productive. Managers use an MIS to create reports that provide
them with a comprehensive overview of all the information they need to make
decisions ranging from daily minutiae to top-level strategy.

          MIS can collect nearly any type of information managers
require. They can view financial data such as daily revenues and expenses at a
glance and attribute them to specific departments or groups. Some example MIS software names are
BuyerEase, and SmartDrive-BI.

Benefits of MIS

          The MIS is
the wheel of the business. It is very good
management information system and it will speed up the business process so
that, the time required to serve a customer can be faster. And it is
inevitable that any decision-making relies heavily on information that supports
the policy to be taken. It can only be realized if information systems can
provide information that is relevant, accurate, and current and it can be
retrieved at any time.

Suitable area in
GLOBAL Company (D3)

          By using the MIS software, the managers can make right decisions by
using the management information system. Managers using management information systems can
improve business performance since they have detailed information on their
business environment and their decisions reflect the company position in the
marketplace. MIS technology allows the business
associates to more efficient so it is used in inventory control too. It also
makes it easier for employees to compare actual stock to computer inventory
data to account for missing items. MIS is suitable in human resources area in the GLOBAL

Example of MIS Software