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There are too many points to cover in this article. If we talk about virtual reality than there are many question arises in mind. What type of virtual technology is available? How does it work? What is there impact in our social life. because as we know every Technology has some downsize as well and if this technology is beneficial for our society than how.

In today world it is mainly know as to play game and watch movies. So it is used for something else? If it is used for something else than what are that different areas where it is being used. There are many sectors adopting this technology than how this technology helping them.

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In health sector this technology has also been adopted than the big question arise that with virtual reality what medical department does, with these virtual reality technology how doctors getting benefits and how they are helping patient. The same question arise for other department like defense, corporate world etc.

Virtual reality is also used to help disabled challenged person than how it this technology helping disabled person. If we talk about disabled person than there are variety of disability so question arises does VR technology helping all kind of disabled person or only on some specific case.

How virtual reality make contribution in corporate world. In this changing world companies are becoming more profit oriented and they are becoming more professional. So does virtual technology for corporate world help somehow? In which way it will help in cost reduction because corporate and business world more concern about budget and financial issues. 

What is the main concern of VR technology in human social life, does it make any difference in social contribution if people use this technology. What is the long term harm and benefits in social environment? Virtual shopping is also one of the major trends will be future. So in future where we see this technology.

There are many areas to cover in virtual reality , with their benefits and harms. So in these article we are going focus all our problems and question arises with this topic( VR Technology influence in our life.)


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