There me to invest in my future.

There are a lot of different factors and elements I believe that are vital for future successful employability. The main key factors include job security, having job security is a vital factor I want my future career to be stable, I would like to grow with the current company I am with providing insurance that my job is secure if I invest all of me into one company I want them to do the same. My next key factor that I am looking for in the future is benefits and incentives, If I give my all to a company and want to receive something back from it. Therefore, if I work for a company that does not show benefits or rewards for performance it can lead to me feeling personally under-valued and demotivated because I am not getting the recognition that I believe that I would deserve, I would simply prefer financial rewards and benefits opposed to some opportunity’s as it shows that the company believe in me to invest in my future. My current employer does monthly incentives, it encourages people to work harder and efficiently and as a team we recently won £50 for the best performances in the area, which resulted to everyone feeling motivated to do better and valued. The next important factor is making sure that I am treated fairly, if I feel I am being subjected to unfair treatment it can cause me to isolated and demotivated, I would want to work for a company that values me and treats everyone fairly and follows their policies no type of discrimination in the workplace. Moreover, my next essential is having the opportunity to learn on the job and still learn I am always looking to improve myself, my knowledge and expertise its vital that when I am in my future employment that I continue to learn as it will help me to progress on to better prospectuses in the future. I am currently working in a job where I feel I have gained as much as I can from it therefore I am currently looking for a new opportunity. Another important key element is respect, working for a company where you are valued and everyone is treated fairly and discrimination is not an issue. Although I stated above that I would prefer to be financially rewarded over anything, making sure that my work is meaningful Is important to me I want to be happy in my career therefore I want essentially to like, to work for my-self in the future I want to build a successful company I would like to be my own boss, as I essentially work better alone than in a team which will result a better outcome for me.  

During this module, I have looked into detail of five different topics including during session two I looked at groups and teams, next in session four I studied rewards and benefits. Moving on in session six I looked at fairness and discrimination, session eight was employee wellbeing and finally during session then I looked at happiness at work. During today’s lecture, we looked at groups and teams in the work place. We discussed the claimed benefits of team work including ‘Combining effort, experience, expertise, Sharing, difficult/unpleasant tasks among people, Source of companionship, support Sense of identity and belonging, Guidelines on acceptable behaviour and Protection for members’ (Mullins, Class notes 2016). My first thoughts about group and team work are very transparent I prefer to work alone, and have always done better educationally and at work. However, after researching further into the benefits about team work I have seen a new light as to how team work can help develop into progress. There was one quote that stood out to me about how team work is essential for success. ‘Teamwork is so important that it is virtually impossible for you to reach the heights of your capabilities or make the money that you want without becoming very good at it.’ (Brian Tracy, no date) after assessing the claimed benefits of team and this quote I am more open and understanding that team work can be advantageous toward me in my career development. During this first semester, I have completed two group work assignments one being in this module and in another. I found It difficult the first group work assignment because I was not sure how to work with people I have not worked with before, and who work differently to me. However, I have learnt how to apply the techniques that I have learnt in this module and applied it to my second group work combing expertise’s of mine and others to make the work spectacular. Week four of the semester we discussed rewards and benefits. I personally want rewards and benefits in employment, because I want to feel acknowledged if I am progressing I want to receive incentives which will make work harder to receive the next reward for example I would want to receive a financial reward, as it shows that the company is willing to invest in me. I would also like to be rewarded with a promotion as I want to grow with the company I work for. ‘People are motivated, instead, by interesting work, challenge, and increasing responsibility’ (Herzberg, 2003). After studying Herzberg’s two factor theory rewards a benefit are a motivational factor which are the psychological needs of an employee. ‘people who feel appreciated are more positive about themselves and their ability to contribute’ ( M. Heathfield, 2017). After receiving a financial incentive at work recently this encouraged me to want to work harder, when you give your 100% to the company you work for you what something in return an incentive the better you become the more rewards expected. The third topic I looked at is fairness and discrimination, fairness at work is described as “Justice at work” (class notes, 2017). In class, we discussed fairness and discrimination which I feel is an important topic that needs to be explained. What I have learnt is that there are four different types of discrimination, direct discrimination, indirect discrimination, associative discrimination and perceptive discrimination. When there is no fairness in the workplace it can cause a negative atmosphere in the workplace, resulting in people feeling targeted and isolated. ‘Establishing different sets of rules for different employees is the antithesis of fairness and creates ill will, poor morale and less than optimal performance across the team’ (F. John Reh, 2017). No one wants to be subjected to discrimination in the workplace, however it does happen in certain situation for example it can come in the form of harassment which is violated someone personally this could come in the form of being intimidating, overusing of powers and being offensive to an employee. (class notes, 2017). The equality act 2010 is in place to protect people from any form of discrimination. The fourth topic discussed in class is employee wellbeing defines as ‘satisfaction and good functioning at work and at home’ (J Rantanen, no date) Making sure that I have a work-life balance is important to me I want to be able to work and still have a social life at the same time, but that is not always the case. ‘we must expose our self’s to a healthy amount of stress’ (Andrew, 2016). In order for me to gain a work life balance, this could jeopardise certain opportunity’s for promotion and progression. On the other hand, if I sacrifice my social life for my job I could lose out on family relationships. ‘Achieving a true balance between work and non-work activities is extremely challenging’ (s. schrager, no date). However, I want to be successful and if that means I need to sacrifice my own time I would do it, because all I want to be is a success. ‘Workplace bullying is defined as negative behaviours directed at organizational members or their work context that occur regularly and repeatedly over a period of time.’ (Escartin J, Ceja L, Navarro J, Zapf D, 2013). I have personally been subjected to bullying in the workplace, I have been talked down to because I am not as experienced as others. Bullying in the workplace is a serious issue and can cause serious emotions, however as I did not speak up when I was being bullied at work, if this did happen in the future I would take it far more seriously and take it to head office because I should not be obligated for someone’s amusement. And finally, the last topic discussed in class is happiness and motivation at work, being happy at work is an essential for me working in a positive environment as it will reflect personally on me. The main important motivators for me are recognition, being awarded for work and accomplishments is essential as I shows that I am a valued employee. The next most important motivator for me is growth and promotional opportunity’s if I know that I am going to grow with the company that I am working for it will result in motivation working harder in order to be a successful individual.    

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This module has been enlightening I have learnt about different factors that can affect a person in the workplace. At the start of this module I stated the most important elements to me in the work place. After studying different theories and research I am now have a better informatively developed mind set as to what is an important factor in the workplace. I know that what I have learnt has not changed my mind but developed so I have a better understanding.  An important factor that I know have a better understanding of is fairness and discrimination after doing research I know understand that you are complete protected in the work place from all types of discrimination and why and what I can do if I ever experience that. My ambitions have slightly changed regarding rewards and benefits at first, I was solely focusing on earning more money and receiving incentives but I know what progression in my career money is a motivation.  This module has been insightful and I have succeeded in gaining knowledge for my career. 


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