Though we choose success just because we

Though the words success and excellence are often used interchangeably, they are in fact competing ideals. This makes it important to define what success is and how it differs from excellence. Success is attaining or achieving goals. It is directly linked to the elevation of one’s importance in the society in which he lives. Excellence is all about one’s personal best. In simple terms success depends heavily on beating out the competition. Excellence on the other hand is concerned with achieving one’s maximum potential. Success is mostly defined by the outcome of any endeavor whereas mindfulness in every little thing you do describes excellence. Often when people speak of doing well in life they mention how successful they are. It is rare that we come across occasions where people describe themselves as having achieved excellence. To succeed is to attain a desired result whereas to excel means to continue to improve.Why do people fail after initial success? Fear of losing the success is the biggest concern for any successful individual. Thus fear shifts our focus from the present (action) to the future(result). The focus on the future hinders our ability to put in the maximum effort. Thus one of the biggest reason success doesn’t last long is because people strive for success and not for excellence. If you strive for success, it won’t last long.  Whereas if you keep striving for excellence, success will followPassion is a prerequisite for excellence. The one who chooses a profession without passion may achieve success, but not excellence and without excellence, no success lasts long. When one’s passion becomes one’s profession, there is no word like hard work. No work seems hard as the passion dominates all difficulties or problems. Also, the combination of profession with passion will get the best out of anyone resulting in the excellence of oneself.Whatsoever one might do in life, success or excellence is a choice. Do we choose success just because we are too blinded with the taste of it, or that it is easier than the latter? We can focus on success and lead our lives competing with others and doing better than them or be focussed on the vision of greatness we have for ourselves. Success doesn’t require excellence, and excellence may not guarantee success all the time. Ironically people who strive for excellence meet with success often.The journey of our life depends to a large extent on the choices that we make. We are free either to chase success or to embark on a quest for excellence. At a time when advances in technology and communication has put world at our fingertips, we are still in search for the ultimate satisfaction. The happiness that we get when we put our heart and soul into something and see it evolve is the greatest of all. It is like creating an art. When love, skill and hard work combines nothing but excellence is achieved and success surely follows.


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