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Through the lens of Marxist Criticism, the Warden of the prison, Samuel Norton can be seen as the Bourgeois of the prison society where he represents the higher class due to the power he holds over the imprisoners. This introduces the superior-inferior class interactions as well as the conflicts of the film, where the inmates of the cells along with the prison guards are compelled to abide by rules and follow orders without questioning so as to avoid facing harsh treatments and preserve their access to the minimalistic resources of the prison. However, though the imprisoners, which in the eyes of Marxism can be seen as the working class (proletariats), are silenced by the Warden due to his authoritative powers over the rest, conflict between the two classes is aroused when the Warden abuses his power, being the administer of the Shawshank prison, by violating the rights of the inmates. This is done when the imprisoners are forced into prison labor which is covered up by the term of ‘public works’, and through Warden’s schemes, he’s able to make a profit using the bribes from construction companies. According to the Marxist Criticism, this situation can be seen as the ideal dysfunctional capitalist society where only those at the top of the social class get to benefit from the laborious work of the working class (the imprisoners) who are exploited by the dominating individuals (the Warden), as they misuse their status in society to deprive the powerless of their fair share of goods and rights to proper services. In the eyes of Marxism, the whole system of the Shawshank prison represents the uneven distribution of wealth, where those of higher ranks enjoy the immense riches mostly obtained through the hard work of the laborers. This is depicted in the scene where Andy is denied the ability to go for a retrial in court after finding out that there’s evidence that could prove him innocent as the Warden finds it in his best interest to take full advantage of Andy’s accounting skills through unpaid labour, in order to manage his laundered money. Unfortunately for Andy, he is helpless and has to give in as he has no other way to ensure his protection and access to proper resources in prison, thus portraying the struggles of the proletarians in a capitalist society. In terms of the types of interactions between Andy and the Warden, it’s quite different from the rest whereby Andy, unlike the other prisoners, isn’t easily frightened by the Warden and his harsh methods of enforcing discipline, as he keeps himself quite calm, collected, and cautious. As a result, this allows him to not only


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