To If we work hard, and when

To become a successful entrepreneur, we need to
have some of the characteristic. First of all, we must always work hard in our
life as we never know when the opportunity will appear. If we work hard, and
when the opportunity comes, we will be lucky from that. Just like Tan Sri
Vincent Tan, he came out to work after graduate from secondary school as his
parents facing problems in business. He tried hard to work as an agent of
insurance in American Assurance Company in 1973. Within four years, with his
talent and ability he was promoted to become Senior Sales Manager. So, it is an
example that opportunity arise when Tan Sri Vincent Tan work hard in his job.

Tan Sri Vincent Tan taught us that we must believe when our company succeeds
because of us. So try to be a master of your trade. Tan Sri Vincent Tan bought
a company name as Berjaya Kawat with holding 37.8% of stake. And at that same
time, he change the company name to Berjaya Group. Although Berjaya Group previously
was a steel company, but he expanded Berjaya Group to property development and
investment, financial services, Internet- related businesses and so on.

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but not least, Tan Sri Vincent Tan is an indomitable entrepreneur, no matter
what difficulties or setbacks, he will overcome all the difficulties to find
ways to resolve any issues. He turned difficulties into opportunities, took all
the difficulties as an opportunity to success in his life. He work hard for his
entire life to realize his own dream. Tan Sri Vincent Tan is also one of the
greatest history ever told, with his strive he turn the impossible to the
possible opportunity. He change the negativity to real such a positive impact.

            Be determined to pursue
your dreams and don’t give up easily because along the way or life, there are
always have lots of obstacles that discourage or avoid you from successful. So,
the key to success is to focus on your goal and do not change it easily. We
must determination to become successful businessman in any sectors. A clear
business plan with goals and targets will help direct the idea into action.

factor success of Tan Sri Vincent Tan is master the English Language as English
play an important role in commerce and business. Like Tan Sri Vincent Tan, he
success to acquire the McDonald’s franchise because he used his English
proficiency, The world is very big and if we can only speak Malay and Mandarin,
it will become an obstacle to stop us from moving on. Learning extra language
will help us able to gain privilege from the company hiring. Nowadays, language
is important although sometimes we have language barrier, but do not took it as
an excuse to stop yourself and move on.

from experience also life lessons that can help us to become a successful
entrepreneur. It is very helpful to have experience and knowledge that relating
to how a successful business is running. Previous experience working in
different sector or environment is highly beneficial, as this will give us
confidence when we are facing problems. When we meet up the similar problems after
that, we can use our experience to overcome it as well.