Together, ,talking about the same ignorant (charged

Together, Everyone Achieves More. Both an acronym and definition for team. Think of our school as a team (analogy). (Attention Grabber) However when I walk down the halls, I see a team broken, and separated. We all walk from class to class with our  heads buried into our phones like that is the only thing that exists in the world (hyperbole), avoiding eye contact with everyone we pass. When tutorial and lunch come, we become so wrapped up in ourselves. (periodic sentence) Hanging out with the same people, in the same location everyday ,talking about the same ignorant (charged diction) drama.  Is that how you think a team should act? (hypophora)  In my opinion, a team should have spirit. The problem is, most people do not understand what school spirit truly is. They believe it revolves solely around sports, making the argument that school should not be about sports but about academics. Amanda Ripley with the New York Times argues that with an increase in the sports culture and competition in high school, it sends the wrong message to students of what is actually important to their future lives (periodic sentence). Although friday night football games, and assemblies are a huge aspect of school spirit, that is only one part of it. (Need Step)The Macmillan Dictionary defines it as the feeling of being proud and enthusiastic about the school that you go to. (definition mode)   Is there something you are proud of at our school? (hypophora)  If not, there is a lot to be proud of here. A nationally recognized baseball team, an incredibly talented performing arts program, and an immensely gifted Model United Nations program (parallel structure).But it, does not stop there. Huntington High School has an endless amount of opportunities for us all. (Satisfaction step)If we all worked together and supported one another, we could achieve things greater than just ourselves, and that begins with our school spirit. A study done by the Varsity Brands shows that 92% of principles see that students with high levels of school spirit perform better academically and are generally happier individuals, proving the close relationship of high school spirit and high student achievement. School spirit motivates individuals to achieve more due to the sense of unity in the school, similar to a team. With 75% of students with school spirit performing above average academically, 85% of them are expected to surpass a four year college education level as opposed to 51% of students who lack school spirit. (Visualization Step)To have school spirit is to support each other in our passions. To have school spirit is to be a team. And to have school spirit (repetition) is to be inclusive (charged diction) (definition mode). To those of you who have school spirit, it is our responsibility to show all the kids that need a friend, the kids that “are too cool for school” and all the kids that feel like benchwarmers, that we are proud to have them as a part of OUR team (also parallel structure). I challenge all of you to attend an APA show, join a club, or show your moves off at Winter Formal this weekend. But if none of that seems to interest you, then take initiative and start something new that makes you proud. If we do that, together we are more likely to be a more intelligent and happy community. Together everyone achieves more (repetition to start of speech). So I leave you with one question..HB what? HB swag. (The Action Step)