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Turkey – the only country which geographically stretches its horizon into two variouscontinents, Europe and Asia. Not only the geographical positioning but, Turkey hasextended their hand to many refugees far across their distinct physical destination.From migrants to thousands of re-moved and refugee families’ .Consequently, maderemarkable progress from revolutionising from an emigrant – resistant country toimmigrant – friendly nation. Today, according to a 2016 profile report issued by theOffice of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR),” Turkey is ahome to 217,000 people including large numbers of Syrians, Iraqis and Afghans.””The country currently hosts more than 2.7 million registered Syrian refugees and ismaking commendable efforts to provide them with humanitarian aid and support,alone.”As of March 2015, the Turkish Disaster and Emergency Management Authority ofTurkey’s Prime Ministry, along with the Turkish Red Crescent,” had establishedtwenty-five Syrian refugee camps.” “These camps reportedly have markets, reliableheating, religious services, communications infrastructure, firefighting services,interpreters, psychosocial support, banking services, and cleaning services. Campresidents are given three meals a day and also electronic cards that provide somemoney for personal needs.” These services are very well verse for the refugees andother attendees’ to successfully live. Regarding social security and medicalinsurance, it is provided to who are not covered by medical insurance and who donot have the means to afford medical services. Funds for which are contributed byDirectorate-General of Migration Management (DGMM) budget.The Ministry for Family and Social Policies places solitary minors in suitableaccommodation facilities, in the care of their adult relatives or, a foster family, takingthe opinion of the unaccompanied child into account. Turkish policies for refugeestake emotional conduct of the child into consideration. If suitable conditions areavailable, minors over sixteen years of age may be placed in reception andaccommodation centres to live a normal life. To a certain degree, siblings are to beplaced together. Victims of torture, sexual assault or other psychological, physical orsexual violence are to be given adequate treatment in order to eliminate the damagecaused to them and the community by such actions. During this if any victims arepresent, Turkish authorities make sure to educate the victims and those non–afflicted about the issue. Furthermore, this increases awareness amongst the youthand assists in social enhancement of an individual. Additionally, in terms ofeducation the Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdo?an from his reign since 2014has transformed the education necessities for the refugee children. Moreover, TheLFIP – the sector that governs the laws related to asylum matters, gives theapplicants for protection and helps in the Turkish premises, them and their familymembers are to have access to primary and secondary education.Government plan for action”On November 29, 2015, the European Union and Turkey signed an agreementunder which the EU will give Turkey €3 billion to manage the refugee crisis in thecountry, aimed at the 2.2 million Syrian refugees and 300,000 Iraqis, and to preventtheir reaching EU countries.” This is also a treaty signed to ensure there isdecreased human trafficking or flowing of refugees into the European countries.President Recep Tayyip Erdogan is demanding funds and other allowances from theEuropean Union (EU) in exchange for cooperation with the EU’s refugee action plan.A new Policy Note prepared by the World Bank, Turkey’s Response to the SyrianRefugee Crisis and the Road Ahead. The main two characteristics of the Turkishresponse effort is that it adopts a non-camp; and government financedapproach—which differentiates the response from many refugees hosting countries,where the tendency is to direct the refugees into camps supported by humanitarianagencies. Emphasis on government financed which means that the non-profitableorganisation will collect donations and contribute it in the development. This idea isvery well supported by the United Nations.Furthermore, not only is Turkey active in the Syrian refugees’ that it deals with butbecause there is a majority of Syrians’ it is psychologically termed as more of Syrianhelp. Another reason could be due to the close border boundaries and past historyties, but Turkish force does not employ discriminative methods to work the way out.Needless to say, Turkey supports the other nationalities resided in the camps ofTurkish grounds.Turkey’s aims for refugee protection and provisionAccording to Nigar Göksel – Project director for Turkey at the International CrisisGroup Turkey would like to maintain Syria’s territorial integrity and see itsgovernment in the hands of individuals or groups ideologically and strategicallyaligned with Turkey. Besides, the President wishes to gather global support and aidpolicies to ensure that the refugees on Turkish land deserve every possible need ofa human.Overall, of all countries, Turkey sheltered the greatest number of refugees, hosting2.8 million by mid-2016.Therefore; Turkey has the greater dominance in terms ofhighest refugee country. Therefore, it is less affected by the position of any other orneighbouring countries which provide for refugees.


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