Twelve the Computer Science Department of my college

Twelve months ago I was standing in a three-way fork on the road dealing with a tough choice. I had the option of working in a large global multinational, or continuing to advance my skills in computer science or to pursue an MBA.  If somebody had told me that these paths could converge, I wouldn’t have believed it and yet here I am.My decision of considering a Masters in Management Information Systems has its roots in my classroom lectures and the internship I pursued. I was captivated by the  application of data mining in business which led me to dwell deeper into relevant  articles and videos online. It was here that I found my interests in a field  that showed a confluence of business and computer science. Eventually, it was the experience gained  in the internship at Bristlcone India Pvt Ltd that drove me into considering a Master’s Degree in Information Systems. As a child, I have always enjoyed reading novels of crime and mystery. It fascinated me to the extent that I wanted to be  part of a team that solved a difficult problem scenario. Little did I know that my internship at Bristlecone  provided me with the perfect platform to apply my skills in solving a problem.I was appointed to lead the project by the Head of the Computer Science Department of my college .At Bristlecone, the Human Resources Team spent a lot of time in generating reports in the form of charts on Microsoft Excel. With this in mind, the main objective was to reduce the  overall time  put in by the end users.Moreover while designing the user-interface, I visualized “Installing Wizards” used for softwares and classroom lectures on”Human Computer Interaction”. This gave me the idea of developing a system that allowed easy navigation and accounting for the non–technical professionals using the system.Leading a team of three classmates ,my tasks at the internship required designing the layout of the user interface ,drafting the overall architechture and  gaining a clear understanding of what our client requires. One of the important decision I took as a leader was the incorporation of a new application programming interface which required our team to start the construction of the user interface again from scratch. It was a necessary risk that had to be undertaken owing to the inherent advantage the API provided our system with. Moreover it was my responsibility to  keep the Project Management officer and HR informed about the progress and the road that lay ahead. The internship lasted for 9 months and our team was successful in developing the system. The system incorporated Java,JavaFX API for charts,JavaFX + CSS for the user interface and a MySQL server which served as a repository for employee information. Moreover the incorporation of the API added to the aesthetic appeal and played a major role in developing a user interface that was simple to use .Suggestions from the Project Management Officer and the fact that I had devised the system as I had visualized it, culminated in me considering a career in Information Systems.I wanted to embark upon a form of education which incorporates within it, a curriculum that allows students to “IMPLEMENT what they LEARN”. The MS-MIS program at the University of Illinois Chicago perfectly fulfills this objective. Opting for a Master’s course here would provide me a platform to engage in real-life business scenarios and work with some of the leading firms in the industry. Challenging scenarios would not only hone my skills as an IT professional but would also provide me with vital experience that would largely benefit me in the long run.The courses at this university are unique and perfectly blend with my future plans.. The deciding factor  of  pursuing my graduate studies  at this  university is the structure of its curricullum. The experience I shall gain by undertaking courses such as ‘Business Data Mining’, ‘Big Data Analytics’ and  ‘Marketing Analytics’ will give clarity to my thoughts regarding the filed I ought to work in. As far as future plans are concerned, I intend to utilize the knowledge gained by this course in pursuing an area of expertise that matches my interests. These include Business Intelligence,Data Mining and Enterprise Resource Planning.These are for now limited by  my knowledge and understanding with respect to Information Systems. I am certain that my studies in this field and the experience gained by undertaking the various projects will give clarity to my thoughts regarding the field I ought to work in . The knowledge gained from an excellent faculty  will result  in a deeper understanding  of the relevant subjects and give me a keener insight in solving various issues that come into play  during work. Moreover the MBA electives  at this university are unique and perfectly blend with my desire to acquire knowledge relevant to management and business.The dynamics of a profession like management requires an individual to be effective in communicating and cooperating with team members. Board meetings and seminars require one to be adept in presenting reports that give a holistic picture about the issue at hand. My involvements in secondary vocations have allowed me to harness these skills that are pivotal for any aspiring management candidate. My technical paper on “DNA COMPUTING” was placed first at a national level event “Fusion 2012” held in my college. The objective in the presentation was to illustrate the working of the inherent algorithms such that even a layman could easily comprehend how a DNA COMPUTER works. Additionally at an international conference, I have also presented a case-study on JavaFX, explaining its use in developing aesthetically pleasing user interfaces and a seminar on the advantages of using JavaFX in developing information systems and dashboards.Throughout my academic career I have engaged in a variety of extracurricular and co-curricular activities where I was successful in dealing with ego issues, temperaments and language hostilities. My experiences in the same have involved dealing with students from diverse backgrounds which have given me deep insights into human behavior. These experiences further culminated into the successful handling of intra-college sports events as well as projects. One instance has been the role of a Co-Head at the Intra College Soccer Tournament.  As the vice-captain of the college soccer team, recruiting young talent for the college team has been one of my prime responsibilities .A step further, I have also represented my college at the University level.Keeping in mind my long-term goals, my immediate objective is to work towards a Masters in Information Systems. I am aware of the kind of dedication, perseverance and resolve I need to have for a fruitful career in the same. I believe my background has not only qualified me technically but also given me the right mind-set for such a career. Therefore, my search for selecting a college that matches my interests ends here at UIC. I look forward to joining as a graduate student in your department and having a long and mutually profitable association with the University of Illinois Chicago. I thank you for providing me the opportunity to express myself.