Ukraine encouraged Ukrainian government to European legislation adaptation

Ukraine has been considering the
European Union (EU) as its economic, trade and political partner since the
Declaration of Independence of Ukraine (1991). The Partnership and Cooperation
Agreement entered into force from 1998 has formalized relation, including
trade, between two partners. The agreement regarding Most Favored Nation (MFN)
principle in EU-Ukraine bilateral trade encouraged Ukrainian government to
European legislation adaptation and provided possibility for future Free Trade
Agreement (FTA). In 2004 Ukraine was in a vulnerable position due to Orange
revolution, while 12 New Member States of the EU (NMS) have successfully
integrated to the EU and obtained their membership in the most developed economic
union, Ukraine only finally declared its pro-European position, as opposed to
the Eurasian Union (Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, the Russian Federation,

In 2008 Ukraine has obtained World
Trade Organization (WTO) membership that induced official negotiations of the
deep and comprehensive free trade area (DCFTA). Ukraine has advanced most, and
since 1 January 2016 the EU and Ukraine have provisionally applied their DCFTA.

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This agreement goes beyond mutual opening the markets through tariff reduction,
but also progressive removal of customs tariffs, quotas, and legislation
alignment. DCFTA is part of the broader Association
Agreement (AA), which encompasses political and cooperation provisions applied
since November 2014 provisionally. Autonomous Trade Measures (ATMs) as the
concessions included in AA/DCFTA for agricultural products entered into force
in October 2017.


The share of agricultural sector in
GDP of Ukraine in 2016 is 9,8%, while the average share in the world is 3,1%, Ukraine
still considers agriculture as a strategic sector, being on the 78th
position out of 178 countries in the global ranking. 


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