Under as you walk across on it and

Under the scorching heat of the sun, we
can really feel how sand/land heats up as its
response to the additional energy. Sand compared
to water heats faster and at the same time cools
quicker. This only means that sand only needs
fewer energy to be heated up compared to water.
By definition, specific heat capacity is the
energy needed of a substance to increase its
temperature by one degree Celsius. Sun as the
source of energy can be a good feature to compare
which between sand and water has higher specific
heat capacity.When you go the beach at day, you’ll
observed how warm the sand as you walk across
on it and then set off on the sea. Your body can
recognize easily the shift in temperature between
the two and identify which is warmer. Sand as one
of the choices would probably be the answer. And
definitely it is correct for sand only needs fewer
energy to raise its temperature by one degree
Celsius. Thus, it only means that sand has a lower
specific heat capacity compared to water.Subsequently, sand which has lower
specific heat capacity and water as having higher
specific heat capacity would have its effect on the
sea breeze. The sand which is warmer would also
makes its air warm and the water which is cooler
would also makes its air cool, and that is by means
of conduction. Therefore, at an instant we already
have these two different temperatures of air.Furthermore, these two different temperatures would result into a phenomenon called convection an
observable fact to which higher temperature goes up and the lower does the opposite. So, since the
warmer air leaves the sand, it would lessen the pressure making it a low pressure area, and then the cooler
air would be pressing down, therefore, the air above the sea would be considered a high pressure area.
Afterwards, following the rule on the flow of energy which is from higher to lower, then, the air
above the sea would be going towards the land, the reason why we experience wind. This occurrence is
what we call the sea breeze- the movement of the wind from the sea towards the land. Hence, we can
conclude that sea breeze is due to the difference of specific heat capacity between sand/land and water.  


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