Under different types of political ideology, being

Under different types of political ideology, being a citizen has many varying and overlapping features. However, the two main characteristics of determining who is a citizen is by the law or by active participation in society.Under (Democratic) Citizenship, people are treated as individuals with equal rights under the law, as well as equality in opportunity and of status, it is not defined by class, gender, or ethnicity. Therefore, under the law, a citizen can be determined either by one’s birth, where one or both parents are citizens of a certain country, or by being born within the country of citizenship, or by marriage with someone who is already a citizenship of the country or, by naturalization. These factors differ from society to society, country to country, constitution to constitution. By becoming a citizen, under the law, we as individuals establish social contracts with the state at the expense of personal freedoms in exchange for security of their remaining rights. Without this contract, men have absolute freedom, so men contract with the state, agreeing to establish a political community or civil society where they can acquire security, in return for coming under the control of the law. As such, we gain civil rights in return for accepting the obligation to respect and defend the rights of others, giving up freedoms to do so. This classification of citizens then give way to the entitlements of a citizen. A legal citizen will enjoy having the country’s nationality, own their passport and be protected under their constitutional rights.  All citizens have rights and responsibilities. Rights are given to citizens as an entitlement, whereas responsibility is what each citizen should be obligated to practice in society once obtaining citizenship. Citizenship is a concept used to cultivate common ideals and a sense of community, where the spread of mutual mistrust or conflict is prevented. Therefore, besides the law, a citizen is someone who also actively participates in all aspects of society, such as serving the community or practicing ones voting rights.