Unfortunately, your pictures are out there every

Unfortunately, there is no potential solution I can provide Facebook on preventing revenge porn on social media. Based on my analysis, Facebook’s method is not a good solution either. What I can only do is to hope this issue won’t be left unsolved. Contributing to it not being solved and spreading at full speed is people’s silence and fear to act. When I say people, I don’t only mean victims, but persons who care about social media being a better place online. If people don’t approve of Facebook’s method towards revenge porn, or simply don’t agree with something towards it, the best thing they can do is to stick together and speak up for better solutions, policies and legal support. That way victims will know that there is a chance for changes, otherwise, everything would stay the same. Revenge porn’s purpose is exactly that: to humiliate and shame somebody, so he can keep quiet. As Napoléon Bonaparte ones said, “The world suffers a lot, not because of the violence of bad people, but because of the silence of good people”.     As somebody who never gives up, it seems to me women should gather together to form women organizations all over the world that help victims since 90% of them are females (Cyber Civil Rights). They could be able to work towards speaking up for victims’ rights and show that there is support out there for those who might feel isolated. A potential independent movement of activism could spread around the world and lend a hand to many who want to stand up for themselves but don’t have the courage. That will give hope and empower the women victims to speak about what it’s to know that your pictures are out there every day, but they still can be successful. It’s very naïve to believe an organization could possibly regulate people’s behavior online, but what it would do is to make social media companies and authorities aware of the seriousness of the issue and get the needed attention to their problem. I think one of the reasons why women are so powerful is because of their ability to convince. Their power can be used in speaking sessions to young people who are growing in a digital world and tell them about the consequences of such actions. If young people understand the seriousness of the problem and accept it as a cause to stand against it, then we might be able to say we are successful and halfway through to the final point of getting revenge porn away from social media.