Useful Notes on Primary Sex Characters and Sex Accessories

Sex accessories, on the other hand, include structures that are involved mainly in the transmission of gametes (sex cells) or developing-zygotes from the site of their origin to the exterior of the organism.

In male the sex accessories comprise a pair of attached epididymes in which sperms are stored, a pair of vasa deferentia which serve to transfer sperms from the epididymes away from the testes, a pair of seminal vesicles which provide essential nutrients and fructose to the developing sperms especially in men, bulls and other species but not in cats and dogs, a single prostate gland that serves to lubricate the passageway to the outside of the body through penis, a pair of Cowper’s glands which are also lubricatory in function and a penis that may be erected by the circulation to facilitate place­ment into the vagina of the female for the ejaculation of sperm.

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In female the sex accessories, include a pair of fallopian tubes (oviducts) the distal ends, of which (infundibula) serve to receive ova discharged from the ovaries and the proximal ends enter the uterus a single uterus which either sloughs off periodically or develops in part into a placenta, depending on whether pregnancy occurs, a vagina that serves to receive sperms, one pair (in man) or more pairs of mammary glands which produce milk for the new born and bulboure­thral glands which secrete a fluid similar to that of the glands connec­ted to the urethra of the male.


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