Viewer image is still blurry and the

Response of Sci-fi Film

            When the movie first starts, you see that the image is
blurry but you instantly know that the background are trees because of the
green in the back and you can make out the shape of the leaves and stems. Next
appears words on the screen telling the viewers what happened in the past that
led to the future. While the image is showing you hear trees and birds and
other animals. Almost the sound of being in a forest. While the image is still
blurry and the words are still appearing on the screen you see a soldier appear
from the right side of the image and starts to walk straight through the trees
and you can hear him walking as the leaves on the trees start to rub together
as he walks through them. Then you see another soldier appear from the other
side of the screen. The director quickly has the camera focused and shows a
closeup shot on a soldier in the front middle of the screen with words written
on the soldier’s helmet. The words say, “MONKEY KILLER”. Next appears another
soldier from the left side of the screen and he too has something written on
his helmet. His helmet reads, “BEDTIME FOR BONZO”. Another Soldier helmet reads
“ENDANGERED SPECIES”. As the scene goes on the soldiers all come together and walk
through the forest in a group. The background music is still playing and the
forest is full of green and the soldiers are dressed in dark green, almost
black army suits and they are carrying guns and even bowing arrows. At this
point I think that the soldiers are looking for monkeys to kill or take and
they are prepared for the worse. Next there is a faraway shot of the soldiers
spreading out and now you can see the different trees in the forest. As the
soldiers are walking the director has one of the soldiers turn around and look
at the other soldier as if he is asking if he is ready for what is about to
happen, the other soldier looks at him in assurance and they keep walking until
one of the soldiers in the front stops and they all drop to the ground and
listens. The image shows two apes on horses. Surrounding them are green tress
and the apes are black and are on black horses. At this point the soldiers have
reached the apes base and have apes with them. One of the soldiers shoots one
of the apes off their horse and blows up their base. In the beginning scene, I
noticed that one of the apes were helping the soldiers kill his kind. 1). After
the short war, they had between the soldiers and the apes. Caesar was shown
walking through their base. Apes stopped and stood as if he were God passing
through. Went he got to a certain one of the apes he had the last of the
soldiers lined up on their knees in front of Caesar. What stood out to me was
Caesar had two other apes walking along side of him but one of them was all White.
My first thought was that, because he was different he may end of crossing
Caesar and the other apes. He reminded me of an albino. 2). The next scene was
when Caesar heard the Colonel on one of the deceased soldier’s walkie saying he
was about to leave or something of that sort and Caesar ran through the tunnel
to find the Colonel about to go up the rope to his plane. Colonel turns to see
him and they stare at each other for a moment and then Caesar turns to look at
his family dead on the ground. 3) The soldiers entered into the ape’s
environment and took many of them to work for them as slaves. 4) The big ape I mentioned
before were helping the soldiers keep the apes in slaved. He’s reloading their
guns and missile tanks, just helping him destroy his kind. 5) Caesar wasn’t
captured when they killed his family but him and other apes left to find the
rest of the apes that were missing and to kill the Colonel. To me that kind of
reminded me of back in slavery times, they took away all the men’s wives and
children ripping away their families and how black men wanted to find their way
back to their families. Caesar and the apes with him happened to get guns from
soldiers that were killed in the attack. He tells his crew “We are not savages.
We fight only to survive. He is standing there with a shot gun and that
reminded me of Harriot Tumen and how she was ready to use her gun if needed
when trying to free her people. Harriot Tumen was referred to as Moses who led
the slaves to the promise land and she carried that gun. 6) One of the apes in
Caesars group stumbled upon an escape route which was an underground tunnel
that so happens to be under a railroad. To me that reminded me of the
underground railroad that Tumen took to free her slaves. The apes were all separate
from the children and their leader Caesar. Like the others he was captured and
forced to work. Caesar and the other apes managed to move the apes out of
captivity through the “underground’ railroad. 7) Caesar and his crew goes into
a log cabin and a man comes out and says “I’m just going to put this down”, and
he grabs his gun and Caesar grabs his and shoots and kills the man. They take
whatever they can use and as they are rustling through the house they find Nova
(a little mute white girl). Maurice, one of the apes with Caesar, tells the
Caesar that he can’t leave her alone. 8) Something the Colonel said that stuck out
to me was: (1) He asked his soldiers, “Your children will ask, what would you
do in the greatest war and you can tell them I fought to protect the world”. I
asked myself which war would he be talking about, the civil war…? 9) Caesar
says, “No mercy, No peace. I asked myself if he meant no justice, no peace.
This reminded me of something Dr. King, Nat turner, etc said in their speeches.10)
The Colonel says at a point in the movie, “We created them”. He was speaking on
how they were smart and intelligent and how they work and how he built them up
as a people. He told Caesar “you are smart as hell”. I think he said that
because Caesar knew too much about his plan. Colonel thought that monkeys were
so supposed to be stupid and unintelligent. Most of the monkeys were not conscious.
They believed that if they worked for the slaves then they would get out alive
not knowing the plan was to kill them from the beginning. Watching how Caesar
leads the apes is astonishing. Even though he doesn’t feel that he is a great
leader he still takes on that responsibility and fights for his people. Some of
the apes turned on him to followed in Kobo’s footsteps. Caesar said they only
fought on the opposing side because they were afraid of what he may do to them.

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1.         This film impacts me in different ways. Watching this movie,
I had mixed emotions. Sad, confused, joyful, etc. Even though I developed many
themes throughout this movie, I would have to choose leadership as my overall
theme and message of this movie.

2.         When War for the Planet of the Apes opened, you see text
that tells you what happened in the previous movie Rise of the Planet of the
Apes. Giving the viewers, this summary helps the viewer remember what happened
before the movie and it also gives insight on what is going to happen next by
giving an Intro of the movie. When you bring new people onboard, and keep older
employees around, remember to share the history of your organization. Doing
this helps connect the work people ae doing now with what was done previously.
Next, share why their work is important for the future. 2) The Colonel says,
“you’re in command now”. After the soldiers were wiped out by the apes, one of
the soldiers were left. He got in touch with the Colonel and told him that
everyone was gone and he was the only one left. The Colonel told the soldier he
was in command now. Do something. Things change in the business and church
world. You may get a promotion that you weren’t expected or maybe someone will
leave and no one is in charge. These are the times we should step up and take
command. 3) Caesar says, “Now I fight only to protect the other apes”. Caesar
led in way most of the apes respected him. He even forgave humans. His fight
wasn’t against something but for something. Caesar knew the other apes were his
responsibility and he was willing to step up and fight for them. With a
position as a leader, you have the responsibility to protect those you lead. Be
willing to go to bat to help your team. That is your responsibility. 4) Bad Ape
didn’t want to join the apes because he was fearful of them and the military
might be behind them. When Caesar told him the story about what happened to his
wife and son, that changed Bad Ape’s mind towards them and he joined them on
their mission to kill the Colonel, his army, and the bad apes. Knowing what you
are fighting for and going towards and letting people know of your vision will
win people over. They want to know why and less of how. We should give people a
mission they could follow.

3.         The three elements that I feel plays the biggest role in
communicating the overall theme is Cinematography, editing, and narrative.  The overall Cinematography look was created by
Seresin. The overall look of the film is monotone. One of the camera he uses is
a great tool for naturalistic, low-key lighting, in which a contrast of dark
and moody. Narrative is used in the scene where Caesar shares his story about
how he lost his family, with the bad ape to get him to join them on their
journey. Editing played an important part in this movie.

4.         Symbolism-Alpha and Omega is a secret cult of humans who
worships a huge bomb. In the movie, there are references to Alpha-Omega all
over American Flags in the Colonel’s camp. Man-made virus wipes out most of
humans. The colonel wears a Catholic style crucifix ft. Jesus alongside his
army-issue dog tags.