Warning Letter to a Boy Who Is After Your Daughter

I, therefore, advise you to stop paying attention to her except as a classmate who choose their own course and depart for ever after the final examinations are over. I am sorry to say this but circumstances in our family are such that we cannot approve of your meeting her in future. My frank words may because you pain, but this is what you deserve. After discussing the pros and cons of your proposal with her thoroughly, I am taking the first opportunity of giving you this wise warning. May I hope that you believe in ‘a word to the wise’?

Yours Sincerely,
(Yours Name)

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Reply of Father of Girl to Boy Proposing Engagement



Dear (Name),

I am in receipt of your courteous letter dated_________. And I am highly pleased with your right mariners befitting a youth from a respectable family. This gave me immense pleasure to know that you were the youth about whom ____________ (Boy Name) used to talk as a boy of great morality and intelligence. It would be a great pleasure to meet a boy with such qualities of head and heart and I extend invitation to you to drop in at ours on ____________ (Day) next. Please bring your parents also with you.

Regarding your proposal for ____________ (Daughter Name), I have consulted her and I am pleased to note that she is not averse to it and she has taken her obligations to her family into full consideration. You are, therefore, welcome to meet her at home and accept our assurance of cordial hospitality.

Very truly yours,
(Yours Name)


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