We This is the reason many institutes are

We can ensure a happy and peaceful life by the way of implementing all the etiquette as a habit. Using etiquette as a habit not only makes us feel good but also increases our importance and respect in the eyes of others.

First impression is the last impression, and if you behave like a gentleman with proper etiquettes your impression can never go wrong. This is the reason many institutes are providing courses on etiquette.

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Imagine if schools starts teaching children etiquettes on early age. This will have a huge impact in their life, it will not only help a child to live in harmony but will also make him feel better in life, as where ever he goes he will be greeted with love and respect because of his etiquettes.

Etiquette is an important part of our daily life. Learning etiquettes early in life open doors of opportunity which you thought never existed. No matter whatever situation life gives you, you will be well prepared beforehand, you will know how to eat with different spoon and forks, when to excuse yourself, what sort of tone should be used while taking with different person and many more. Others will also feel comfortable in your presence.

Thus every school should have etiquettes as a subject. There are different types of etiquettes that can be taught at school such as-Table manners washing hands before dinner, making request to pass on food, keeping elbows of the table etc. phone or conversation manners such as speaking softly, greeting every guests at home, when to use a cell phone etc. Business etiquettes can be taught in higher schools.


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