Hospitalisation the government. Disadvantages: 1. The woman will

Hospitalisation is required for 5 to 7 days. After tubectomy, she can do light household work after about 10 days and can resume sexual intercourse after about one month. Tubectomy is considered as a major operation.


1. Since it is a permanent method so after the operation, no further action is required by either man or woman for preventing conception.

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2. The operation can be done immediately after delivery or abortion in a hospital or at any other time convenient to the woman.

3. There are no side effects or complications when performed by a competent surgeon.

4. The operation is done free of charge in a government hospital, primary health centre or in the family welfare camps organised by the family welfare department.

5. Some cash or kind incentives are given by the government.


1. The woman will have to stay in the hospital for about 7 days.

2. It is an irreversible method, can be reversed by canalisation but this is not always successful.


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