The 5th day for check up and

The man’s glands are not touched. He continues to enjoy sex as before. He also continues to ejaculate during sex but now his semen does not contain sperms or those seeds which cause pregnancy. There is no difference in his strength or virility (sexual strength).

Immediately after the operation the man can go home but preferably he should be kept under observation for at least 2 hours for any signs of shock. Before he leaves for home the dressings should be examined for any untoward bleeding. If there is any bleeding that must be controlled before he leaves for home.

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Advice to the Patient of Vasectomy:

1. He should not soil the dressings with urine or faeces.

2. He should protect the dressings from wetting during bathing.

3. He should not scratch the operated area even if it itches.

4. He should come to the hospital on 5th day for check up and for removal of stitches.

5. He should not do any hard manual labour or cycling for about one week.

6. He should not have sexual intercourse for about a week. Thereafter he should use Condom or abstain from sexual intercourse for three months as a precaution against conception.

7. After three months his semen should be got examined to make sure that there are no sperms present. If no sperms are found then there is no need to use any contraceptive in future.


1. It is very simple, safe and effective method of contraception.

2. It does not require hospitalization.

3. It does not interfere with sexual pleasure.

4. After the initial three months following the operation, no further action is required to prevent conception.


1. It is an irreversible method but in some cases surgical recanalisation has been successfully done but this is not always successful.

2. Condom will have to be used during the first three months after the operation or until the semen test confirms the absence of sperms.


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