What affect their children and how to

What is

Definition: Teaching
is caring, appreciation, understanding, encouragement, guiding, challenging,
motivation, passionate, success, communication, interactive above all learning.

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Teaching is
not only a profession, it is my arena where there is self-satisfaction from
imparting knowledge and inculcating skills in my students. Furthermore,
teaching allows me to find out students’ skills and talents and aid in
improving and honing them.

What is

Learning is
an act of getting experience, knowledge, skills and values by understanding and
arranging the different types of information recognised by us. Learning is a
fundamental need of life, without it no progress or growth is possible.

is power

The student
is in the centre of learning. They are the primary beneficiary and imparting
knowledge that is beneficial to them is of the utmost importance. For knowledge
to reach the students effectively and efficiently, it must be taught in a way
that shows them the importance of knowledge through associating it with current
affairs, values, life skills, thinking skills and culture. By doing so,
students will also be able to understand what learning is to them.


What does it
mean to be a teacher in the current context?

A teacher
should be a role model regardless of the context.

In the
current context, a teacher should be able to use ICT tools in order to engage
the 21st century students who utilise technology and spend most of
their time in the virtual world

parents’ cooperation is crucial in the current context. In this age where all
kinds of information is accessible to impressionable minds, it is important to
understand the information that is available and make sure parents are
well-aware of it as well. For example, recently there was a very harmful trend,
The Blue Whale game which is a suicide challenge where many impressionable
minds have lost their precious lives. There are also other beneficial
challenges in the internet, however students also come across these harmful
challenges. Hence, teachers should be on a lookout for such harmful
information, advice and equip students to make the right decisions and stay
away from destructive trends. Parents can also be informed and advised with
regards on how to handle such trends and various other harmful things that may
affect their children and how to handle such events through workshops and
newsletters and use of apps like Class Dojo.

to inform parents about trends in social media which will affect their children




What are
your learning objectives in NIE?

experience such as subject knowledge, values, motivation and also teaching
skills such as pedagogy, classroom management, how to engage the students, parents
– teacher co-operation, discipline and so on.


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