What homework, and hours of Co-curriculum activities. Isn’t

What does education mean to you?


You’re asleep in your cozy beds, wrapped in your soft
blankets, air conditioner blowing against your face, you’re dreaming about
_____, until a loud piercing sound awakes you from your comfort. It’s 6am in
the morning and your alarm is blaring, forcing you to get ready for school.

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Sound familiar? How many of us feel like this every single morning? Every day,
we go to school to get through 8 hours of lessons, the same demanding teachers,
tons of homework, and hours of Co-curriculum activities.  Isn’t school such a burden? But have you ever and
thought that maybe school isn’t a burden, instead a blessing?


All of us here have no choice. We’re all part f

to UNESCO, 61 million primary school-age children were not enrolled in school
in 2010.

So many children from all around the world do not have access to education. Yet
here we are, treating education as a burden, as a chore. Why should we take for
granted something that so many children around the world yearn for?


“I wish I didn’t have to come to school.” “School is such a
burden, I just want to go home.” Sounds familiar?

But to freedom
from poverty, freedom from stereotypes


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