What that it can have an impact

What is the best special effect to use for your next event?

Adding that special touch to your event can make it a
spectacular show, and is a great way to start or finish off an event with a

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Fireworks are not the only special effect you can use for
your events; the possibilities are endless to make your next event stand out.
You want to create an effect that is visually appealing but also make so that
it can have an impact and is engaging with the audience. This way it can leave
the attendees wanting to see more. There are numerous types of event production
that can be used, and it’s key that you get it spot on as it can make or break
your event. Here are some of the top special effects that you could use for
your next event.

Pyrotechnics/Fireworks: Fireworks are a great effect to include
into your event. They can come in variety of shapes and sizes, which can allow
for flexibility depending on your style of event, this could be indoors with
smaller fireworks, or outdoors where you can really go to town and make your
display as spectacular as you like. Not only do they add a great spectacle to
your event but also adds other value such as a wonderful opportunity for
networking, branding opportunity, or just to impress your attendees to a show.








Building Projections:
Building projections can add an extra dimension for your event that utilises
the venue that you are using. Projections can truly change the atmosphere of an
event, which will leave your attendees in a state of awe and amazement. The
possibilities are endless with what you can show off from branding/logos to variety
of shows, it is a unlike anything else and is a great way to engage with your
attendees. Seeing the projections on the side of a historic building really is
a sight to be seen and will leave a lasting impression on your attendee’s with
the marvellous production that they have witnessed.

Water Projections:
Just like screen projections water projection can bring that unique wow factor
to your next event. This stunning effect is a fusion between two favourite
effects, water features and projects it is very innovative. This stunning
effect offers a great alternative for event production and adds a real bonus to
your event with its features and functionality allowing multiple branding
opportunities and a great centrepiece to base your venue layout around.






Indoor Effects
(Confetti/Streamers): Being a classic favourite you cannot go wrong with
using a confetti effect. From birthday parties to entertainment at a corporate
event, we have all experienced confetti and have all screamed when the effect
went off. These are the moments that are not forgotten and that are talked
about after the event, elevating your event to the next level. The simple idea
is easily customisable, due to just changing the colour of the confetti. It is
a great way to show off your brand and further raise your brand awareness.


Light-up wristbands:
Famously brought to life by Coldplay across the world, light up wristbands have
been an amazing fresh new feature for event production. The spectacular effect helps
to generate an electric atmosphere within your event with something that is
unique and will make your event stand out from the rest. Not only is it a real
sight to be seen but also offers endless amounts of customisation, putting your
brand at the centre of the event. The unique effect will leave your attendees
speechless, as it will be something that they have never seen before. You will
want this to be included in every event after as its effect that will leave you
wanting more.

With there being so many different special effects out there
to use for events, the possibilities are endless when it comes to including
them in your events. Not only will this take your event to the next level in
terms of production but also is a great tool to raising your brand


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