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What is the beginning of life? The moment the sperm and egg meet, or the twenty – four weeks it takes for a fetus to be developed inside the woman’s womb? This is an going question that very controversial and drives people to their final decision of whether abortion should be legal or not in the United States of America. As for the sake of the essay, it is for the legalization of abortions. It should be the woman’s choice and right to keep the child or  discharge the pregnancy. For some, an abortion is not an option because of religion, opinion, or restrictions by the law. In some ways, that is not the case. Pro choice is where this essay begins. What exactly is abortion? abortion or ” termination of pregnancy ” is the surgical or oral action of the actual termination of the pregnancy. There is a form of abortion through a pill and a surgical or “in clinic” procedure. The pill version can be done up to 10 weeks pre-contraception, otherwise you must abort surgically. When choosing to take the pill you don’t have to stay at a clinic, the abortion can be done in your home. Ninety- two percent of abortions take place in the first trimester (13 weeks of gestation (gestation is the process of carrying or being carried in the womb between conception and birth)) ( EMedicineHealth), it is very uncommon for it to happen after that the first trimester. The pill version of abortion is affective 49 days after your last menstrual period. The pill is made out of mifepristone which blocks the hormone progesterone. Progesterone causes the uterus lining to relax which makes the eggs stick to uterus wall. Since progesterone is not released, the uterus contracts, and the embryo is released from the wall during a heavy period that occurs in your body instead of continuing the pregnancy. During a surgical abortion a doctor, nurse, or specialist empties the uterus by using suction or sometimes other tools. After an abortion some women are sore or it feels like really bad period cramps, but everyone reacts differently to the procedure. Most women are able to return to their normal routines the next day. When did abortion become legal in the United States of America; This didn’t happen until 1973, but abortions were technically for the exceptions of rape or in the case of an incest issue. Otherwise, people were denied the request. The court case, Roe vs Wade, ended up being a state decision instead of federal, because people’s opinion in the state. Two reasons the state would regulate abortion is for  women’s health and the fetuses inside the women. The man that were for abortion in the supreme court stated that it was a medical decision rather than a constitutional decision, and that there is no such thing as privacy in the constitution. Privacy is protected under the fourth amendment (The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized) (EMedicineHealth). Which led to protect the women’s rights to choose an abortion, and why abortion became legal with a supreme court ruling seven to two. After the legalization of abortions across the country, the world had a major change. In between the time of  legalization and the 1990s, the crime rate was significantly cut in half, because the people who committed those crimes were the unwanted children from the parents that were denied abortions. The crime would derive from people that either were not raised properly, forgotten, or unwanted by their parents. Logically, that is how the beginning of a criminal’s life commences. Since women were given the right to have abortions, the crime rate significantly declined. It was said in ” Freakonomics ” (Levitt, Steven D), that states that have not only made abortion legal, but have easier access to abortions had a decrease in crime rate up to 30% less after the legalization occurred, rather than states that it is legalized but not as much access to abortions. This is why the option (pro choice) for abortion is important, and it should be the women’s choice. If she can not care for a child, who will? It puts the family in danger, as well as the world, due to  negativity that will be brought up from this world issue. Unwanted babies, unwanted children, unwanted adults. This leads to stress, negativity, pressure, which will eventually lead to bad decisions and then that is when drugs, theft, and other crimes increase. The greatest example of a pro choice decision was just proven, and continues to grow as the paper excels. Financial stability and your maturity level are major decision changes if a woman is deciding to have an abortion or not. The most frequently mentioned theme is financial stability (40%). Six percent claim that it’s the only reason towards their abortion process. Financial stability meaning they cannot afford the babies basic necessities. Some of these necessities happen to be baby formula, diapers, baby spoons, a proper crib, clothing, pacifiers, blankets, car seats, strollers, changing table, etc. Another four percent claim that is it due to there unemployment or underemployment. Which leads to being unfinancially stable. Another factor that leads to an abortion would be the age. For example, a 16 year old girl is not able to be financially stable and raise a child on her own. Yes, there are cases where parents of the mother and father can be involved to get to the financial stability in order to raise a child. But, in reality, a teenage girl is not able to raise a child properly on her own. Therefore, abortion should be an option to all women and the government should have no control over a woman’s body. Alongside financial stability and age, there are a few other reasons why abortion would be an option for a woman. One of these being that they were a victim of rape or incest. Think about it, rape victims are already traumatized by what has taken place to their bodies, why would they want a child to care for along with that pain? They should not have to live with something they had no control over, and definitely should not have to raise a child that shares the other half of their genetics with a rapist. Also, the pain and anxiety of not being able to control their body changes because they were assaulted under their will is also why it should be based on the woman’s decision. It would be inhumane for someone to limit someone their right of not getting rid of a bad memory, but a remembrance and continuation of the bad time they once had gone through. ” The cornerstone of our work as advocates is supporting victims in regaining control over their bodies and lives by explaining all available options and supporting the victim’s decision about which option to choose. If after exploring all of her options, a victim of any form of sexual violence decides that she cannot go through with a pregnancy resulting from the crime, we should not add any hurdles or barriers to the process. ” the people of this country do realize this issue and don’t advocate against it. People who agree with abortion for the rape victims are pro choice, this is because no woman should have to live with the consequences of someone’s actions upon them against their will. Why can people have the baby and then put up that baby for adoption? Although that is an alternative that is beneficial to the people being born and also the mother than is unable to care for the baby, that is not always the easiest way out of the situation. Many potential mothers believe that if they are having the  baby, that it should belong to them and only them and can not deal with the thought of someone raising their baby in their own family. Others, agree that that is the best option so there’s not a wasted life on earth. There is no ” right ” decision to a pregnancy decision, although giving someone the miracle of being a mother or father is amazing… some people can’t physically have the baby. Meaning, that sometimes when a woman is pregnant, issues can occur during the trimesters that could be fatal to the baby or even the mother. Some conditions include Renal Disease, Preeclampsia, and also cancer. If any of these occur, it can be fatal to the mother if the baby is not aborted.       To conclude, there are an abundance of pros and cons to abortion. Most of the pros are resulted from a serious issue, and majority of the cons are unrealistic. Like it was previously stated, woman should not have their medical rights limited by the United States government. Then it would lead to unsafe abortions in sketchy buildings or ” back allies ” for lack of better word. This leads to an increase in deaths from unsafe pregnancies and a lessoned number for the chances of having the abortion actually working. Also, if the baby that can’t be raised properly, crime rate skyrockets. It is not the matter of who is the person getting the abortion or what situation they are in, every woman is entitled to the right of their medical needs. Nobody should ever take you’re right of having what you need done to your body to advance your life away. This proves that abortions should in fact be legal in the United States of America, because the government should not have a say in what a woman can do with her body.


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