When investigator to examine and research facts

When finding evidence, it is necessary for the investigator to examine and research facts and information found, to confirm whether it is accurate or incorrect. There are two main categories of investigation which is the OSINT Investigation and Digital Forensics Investigation.

OSINT Investigation

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The role of OSINT in information security operations includes the assessment, collection and exploitation of information in support of corporate and public-sector technical intelligence requirement specify in It/IS operations.

Investigation differs in difficulty and the scope. The role of the investigation is to help examine and build a case for individuals or companies that are accused of an offence. To provide decision makers with independent and unbiased information through a clear understanding of topics which is relevant, sensible, accurate and comfortable, answer a question and allows provident decision making.

A forensic investigation is a procedure that uses technology and science to develop and examine theories, which can go into a court of law

Open Source Intelligence (OSINT)  is publicly accessible information and an exceptional tool for criminal intelligence which originates from security and law enforcement agencies and refers to intelligence resulting from publicly available information sources. These sources include global media,  website, newspaper, and range of other information via Internet and other  media resources. Open Source Intelligence which utilised by a variety of agencies, including the United States Federal Bureau of Investigation, United States Central Intelligence, Royal Canadian Mounted Police and Europol’. When most of the people searches and compare offers for flights and hotels, they do not even realise that they are doing personal OSINT. Business Intellegence can use OSINT to do background checks of employee and exexutive, commertial self-analysis, opponent business analysis. Individual intelligence can use  OSINT for finding people via their name, address, phone or mobile number and email address.

Some of the OSINT tools are The Wayback Machine, Who.is, Maltego, Translation Services, Jigsaw, IP2Location, NewsNow, and Socialmention.

The benefits of using Open Source Intelligence (OSINT)  are it is segmificantly less expensive than gathering information through classified means. The eople that are working in this field such as journalists and researchers are a valueable source of human intelligence. Many newspapers, fourms and blogs that are dedicated to international affers formed because of valueable communication intelligence. Through the help of goole earth and similar services, high quality/excellent images are freely available OSINT offers a potentially more significant return on investment than other classified sources and sattlites are particularly relent for countries that are operating on tight intelligence funds and resources.  


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