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When I first entered Kodiak Middle School I was not very sure how I would fit into world of education. Although I had to change schools to Kodiak High School after three field experiences, I still had a great time and learned a lot. After my field experience was complete last week, it changed my view of education and I knew that I would make an excellent teacher. I am glad that I had the experience to see first-hand what special education was like, it takes a practical, patient and talented person to be in this career.

During this semester I have learned many different things that will be helpful to me when I get hired as an educator. I am nervous, but I know I will have to face many trial and errors in my career. However, I do possess many of the strengths it takes to be a great teacher. Overall it was a great experience for me to work with this age group of students and learn the classroom.

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            During my time in the classroom I did feel comfortable being around the students and the classroom. As a teacher it is important to feel happy, important, and relaxed in your work environment because if you don’t it will be nearly impossible for you to succeed in classroom. The classroom setting seems to be very unpredictable and usually depended on how the students felt that day. If the students were well behaved it was very positive and positive, but if the students were acting up it was the opposite.

            Throughout the semester there were many connections between the student and teacher. Both of those experiences were either positive or negative. During class when all the students were able to stay engaged the interactions were always reat. The teacher would ask questions and as the students were able to answer the questions correctly, or at least try, the relationship always remained positive. I would have to say though that there were a few more bad interactions than positive ones during my semester.

            Like most teacher the teahcer would have to remind the students to put their phone down which was the main rule for Mr. Hanson’s class. However, there were some other situations between the students and teacher that escaladed. One specific occasion, a boy was chewing gum and the teacher asked him nicely to go throw it away. The boy got an angry look on his face and walked slowly up to the trash, only acting like he spit out his gum. A few minutes later the teacher asked him if he was still chewing gum, but the student denied it. Everyone in the class knew the boy was still chewing gum, but the student wanted to show off and give the teacher a hard time. In the end the student lost it and was sent down to the principal’s office.

            I believe that I will face a lot challenges as I enter into the profession of teaching. The main problem I see myself having is being assertive and self-confident with students when they are not behaving. It is very easy for me to just let them get away with it and avoid the drama. In teaching this will happen a lot because you will always have those certain students that want to be rebels in classroom. A way for me to face this challenge is to remember how I have seen teachers handle situations like this and take control of the situation.

            Another challenge I see myself having is keeping all of my students engaged in lectures. Of course, you will have those students who always pay attention in class. On the other side of this you will have the students who could care less about school and will not pay much attention to you. Especially with technology these days, I will face this challenge by finding a way to make each lecture both fun and informational.

I have learned many different teaching components throughout my semester. Whether it be how to run a classroom, or setting up a confident classroom environment I know a lot more than I did. Someday when I do reach my goal of becoming a teacher I hope to apply some of the things I have learned from this experience to create a successful classroom and environment. 


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