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When you were a teen did you get introduced to cigarettes? What you should have done was you should have refuse to smoke it because, it does very bad things to your heart, it makes your lungs terrible, and it can even do bad things to you’re outer body. The first reason is, it does very bad things to you’re heart. For example, it increases the risk of Atherosclerosis. This is a disease that, puts plaque in your arteries stopping blood from flowing to your heart and other organs. This is bad because, if you have too much plaque in your arteries it can cause heart failure and other organ failures. Coronary heart disease also occurs if plaque is in the arteries. This is terrible because it also causes heart failure. Too add on if you’re heart stops, you can get heart attacks, stroke, and other disastrous diseases.  The second reason is, it does bad things too you’re lungs. For                       example, When you smoke, tar starts to get in your lungs. Tar has a bad chemical called carcinogens. This is bad because, carcinogens increase the risk of cancer. When you smoke, lung tissue starts to disintegrate. Air spaces and blood vessels that lead to your lungs decrease. This is unbelievably bad because, it causes less oxygen to flow to your lungs. If you don’t get enough air you start to suffocate. When enough smoke gets in your lungs you may get chronic bronchitis. This is bad because, when you have chronic bronchitis you get a cough that can last a year or more and lots of mucus that blocks the air from getting too the lungs.The last reason is, smoking is also bad for your bones, skin, and mouth. When you smoke your skin will turn older a lot quicker, it will only take 10 to 20 years for the skin to become old. This makes me think, if you don’t want people to think your 70 and you’re actually 40 I  would stop smoking. Smoking makes your bones extremely weak causing them to break a lot easier. This makes me think, if you break a bone or more than one bone you’re family would be worried about you and since you’re bones are extremely weak it will take months to recover from the injury. Smoking also causes gum disease, tooth loss, etc. This explains that, you’re mouth can be a serious target of smoking, too.Opponents may say, “nicotine is to addictive I can’t stop.” you actually can you can always seek help for a doctor or therapist. Other opponents may say, “you’re lying nicotine is really good for you.” That is incorrect. According to the smoke free effects of smoking website, “One in two smokers will die from a smoking-related disease.” Because of this, no one should even touch a cigarette.To sum it up, smoking is bad for your heart, smoking is bad for your lungs, and smoking can do bad things to your bones and outer body. Never ever mess with nicotine.