Whenever up a fight. The effects of sadomasochism

Whenever a discussion about
representation takes place the mention of Wonder Woman from DC comics finds its
way through references or examples. Wonder Woman is the most popular female
superhero in the world. This fact gets extra importance as she is considered
the most important part of the DC comic’s triumvirate along with Batman and
Superman. Wonder Woman was the icon for women’s empowerment and in the
contemporary world stands acceptance. Even the United Nations accepted her as
an honorary ambassador for women’s rights and issues around the world.

It’s interesting to know that the
character finds her origins during the 1930s where women were supposed to be
secondary to women. Wonder Woman came out of a psychology experiment designed
by William Marston. Marston is famous for the creating the lie detector test.
Marston himself was a peculiar character in himself, for his actions weren’t
something acceptable in that era. Marston was married to Elizabeth Holloway but
was also in a live-in relationship with Olive Byrne. Both Holloway and Byrne
had children with Marston and cared for them together. It has been said that
Byrne was Marston’s inspiration for the creation of Wonder Woman 1.

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Marston was greatly interested in
the concepts of power of one individual over another. This could be easily seen
in the Golden Age comics where Wonder Woman comics had multiple scenes of
sadomasochism. According to Marton girls does not want submissive or tender
like a normal woman. All the good qualities of women are hidden due to their
weakness. The comics were extremely problematic with the fact that Wonder Woman
as a heroine would become powerless if her hands were tied. Never the less the
character has stood for many things which includes being able to stand up for
yourself and others and trying to resolve the conflict without breaking up a fight.
The effects of sadomasochism faded away as Marston passed away and the
consequent writers made Wonder Woman a more sophisticated character. The only
major problem that the pop culture followers is that the lack of an iconic
Villain likes Joker or Lex Luthor2.

In the late 1930s when Batman and
Superman were trending and its characters were greatly popularized, both the
comics made it to the top and both significant characters Batman and Superman
were looked up to and people started imitating them, which slowly led to people
having a mindset that these roles or character can be played by men due to
their physical appearance and strength. In 1940s the major flaws the wonder
women comics and the comics overall was that they were meant for propaganda.
Wonder Women comics stood apart because it was the first time people saw women
fighting along with men. The message given was one should fight their own
battles and wars and stand up for those who cannot do so. This was brilliantly portrayed
in the film during the no man lands sequence. DC comics over the years has had
multiple reboots and revamps of original characters each relating to the issues
of the related time. One that has not changed is that even if her origins vary
from reboot to reboot the original message that wonder women comics give is
still alive. The message being of inclusiveness and to deal with one’s own
problems with no regard to gender or sex.


Wonder Woman continues to be a
symbol of empowerment and strong development of any person without any regards
to the different basis of differentiations. With the success of her standalone
film in 2017 which is hailed as one of the best Superhero films of all time and
her continued existence in popular culture has shown the impact that the
character has had on the world.


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