Whiplash, to the limit to unleash his

Whiplash, is a 2014 drama film centred around music. The film is the brainchild of Damien Chazelle, who is also the mastermind behind the acclaimed movie, ‘La La Land’. “Whiplash” showcases the relationship of a conductor and his new favourite student. Andrew Nieman played by Miles Teller, is a 19-year-old shy first year student that idolizes Buddy Rich. He then meets Terence Fletcher played by J.K Simmons, his instructor who pushes him to the limit to unleash his potential.The performance of both Teller and J.K are both commendable and worth the watch as they managed to encapsulate the essence of their characters and did them justice. Teller, whose previous works include mainstream films such as ‘Divergent’ and ‘The Spectacular Now’, manages to show a different side of him. Teller expresses such raw emotions of desperation and obsession towards drumming that would make you feel for him. Simmons on the other hand, definitely shocked the crowd with his amazing performance. Fletcher’s borderline psychotic behaviour was superbly embodied by Simmons, that it would make you question his sanity, even in real life. What we thought was impressive was how Chazelle has written the story. This movie does not portray the conventional way of motivation. It showcases terrifying and mentally abusive methods of motivation that builds up the plot using intimidation to showcase the intensity of both character’s relationship. Fletcher is shown as a volatile force in Andrew’s life, where even when Fletcher wasn’t physically present, it still drives Andrew to agonisingly practice to gain Fletcher’s respect and the best role. The movie will leave you thoughts on how motivation and encouragement can be expressed in various forms. As Fletcher mentioned “There are no two words more harmful than ‘good job’ “, explaining how complacency is created through encouragements. The camerawork focuses on details that depicts the important attributes that make up the film and shows the desperation of a student that longs to be the best. The cinematic work has created visuals that matches the character’s goals and emotion harmoniously. However, there were moments where we could not take the gore from the blood and wounds. The music and sound used fits perfectly into the scenes. The sound and music of the film captivates us, enhancing the experience of the film’s narrative. Suspense was successfully created with every drum beat. As the tension intensifies, anticipation is induced. Truly a harmonious work of art. We really could not find fault with the produced sounds as it is well done. All in all, Whiplash is worth the 1 hour and 47 minutes. The jazz that is introduced to us is unlike the conventional soulful and soothing ensemble that it makes it much more special for you to watch it. You will never look jazz the same way again after watching this movie. Fair warning that this film is rated R where those under 17 requires the accompaniment of a parent or adult guardian. However, if this is up your alley, then what are waiting for?