Will patients with brain injuries, and IBM’s Watson

                       Will Big Data Live Up to the Hype Surrounding it in Health Care?     I believe, big data in health care which is the large rapidly increasing varied data constantly being generated from many sources as patients are treated, will live up to the hype. I believe three forces will ensure big data meets its potential, the need to lower cost, a movement toward evidence-based medicine and the continual innovation of platform technologies (Raghupathi & Raghupathi, 2014). Already in its infancy, big data and analytics have demonstrated a plethora of knowledge that can be extracted to decrease cost and improve care.      New “open source” applications fostering more accurate and rapid analytics of all types of data will ensure that big data delivers the estimated 300 billion dollars in health savings cost per year in the U.S. (Raghupathi & Raghupathi, 2014).  Reaching the optimal potential of big data and analytics won’t happen overnight, but with the current momentum, research, money, & stakeholders focused on mining key benefits, reaching fruition is close.   Today, without big data analytic technologies perfected, big data and analytics have allowed Medicare to identify fraudulent claims, Columbia University to use streaming data to identify complications in patients with brain injuries, and IBM’s Watson platform facilitates oncologist extracting the latest research and treatments from hundreds of journal articles in minutes (Raghupathi & Raghupathi, 2014; McKenna, 2017). As big data and analytics evolve they will benefit medicine by providing improved decision-making, surveillance of diseases, and managing health populations (Lee &Yoon, 2017).     Reaching the full potential of big data and analytics will come to fruition. Stakeholders will continually reap newer diamond benefits from big data and analytics applications. Big data & analytics are not only meeting the hype but are also the hope of healthcare: moving toward evidence-based medicine and lowering costs.



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