Wish that sounded new to you You

Wish wish wish
the sounds the waves make when hitting the rocks

This sound
continues even though the sea is calm as the wind

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Birds flying,
looking for something to rest, together with the sun as it sinks in the bottom
of the sea


The sound of the
night is the same as it was in the day

The same force
hits the rocks as I recall my memories together with the person who sailed far

Bringing my
hopes and dreams with her as my tears flow down this bay

While I’m
walking with no direction in this way


Long walks on
this long shores, reminiscing our memories

About that time
that there were “us” not “I” nor “You” as the winds blow my hair

It felt warm,
the same feeling when you’re here

As we laughed
about our problems before our relationship became astray


You loved the
seas as I loved your smile

A smile that
resembles the line where the sky meets the sea

A horizon far
away from my grasp, far from anyone

You really are
like the sea, for you belong in this fantastic view


Your attitude
was calm the same as the sea on a bright day

You were like a
bird flying free, same as you used to run in this sand as I used to see

You were like
the moon and the sun, who fits perfectly and changer to better as the time goes

You were the
rock which I’m holding now reminds me about how strong you are


But what I loved
the most, the thing that I adore

As I see a big
boat same as I see you

You like to
discover, explore things that sounded new to you

You like to
solve mystery the same as you make them but still you don’t forget you are a
broken piece that is waiting to be put together


I’m crying as I
walked on this shore, as I remember you were a boat and I was your anchor

I was the one
holding you down even though you said you would choose “us” rather than “you”

We are
inseparable together, you were mine as I am yours

Your love was
the one that pulled me out on the depth of the sea, but I’m the one who pulled
you down along with me


It was hard for
you bring me along as it was hard for me to let you go

We weren’t
showing each other that side of the story we just let it go like how the river

I won’t let a
boat that can sail even the seven seas be dragged down rock bottom together
with this rusted piece of metal

It was hard to
break the chains that attached us together

but what was
harder was to say goodbye to my queen of the sea and to my love that will last


Reminiscing the
past the same as I wonder where you are now

You are free
from my clutches, I hope you’re fine

I still regret
letting you go

But seeing you
became a wonderful ship was my salvation on this lonely walk


Using all my
courage just to let you know

What we wanted
to tell you what I feel,

 Using a note inside this bottle, I hope it can
find its way to you

“Don’t stop not
after you discover the fine spices in a wonderful island the same as Magellan
and the wonderers of this land, for you belong in my past, in this history,
forever will be cherish on this day and any time of the future you will stay”