Women few legal rights, the men dominated

Women between the years of 1650-1750 in Colonial America, lived a life of unfairness, and mistreatment, but they played an important role during this period and on.Introduction: Colonial Women lived a life of unfairness and mistreatment, but they also played an important role in the common life of colonial people. Women during this time, faced hard work at home, and also faced unfair legal rights. Some women lived a life of indentured servitude in order to receive Independence.  ( Cummings, Erica. “Role of Women in Colonial America.” Study.com, Study.com) Puritan,  and Native Indian woman  all played major roles as woman in everyday lives. Toward the end of the nineteenth century women received more freedom and respect for their help during the American Revolution.    B.  To summarize the above discussion, it is clear that women had a hard life in early colonial america, but eventually received the overall respect and freedom as they needed. II. Body:Women in colonial america faced hardships while working in their own home. Most women worked in a home that had no heat, effective lighting,  running water,  or bathrooms. ( “Colonial Women ***.” Landofthebrave.info. N. p., 2017. Web. 14 Dec. 2017.) Many women became ill from the poor working conditions at home. ( “Colonial Women ***.” Landofthebrave.info. N. p., 2017. Web. 14 Dec. 2017.) Only a few doctors were medically trained to treat the sick. Their daily chores included, cooking, heating, lighting, laundry, housework, tending the sick and the children and all sorts of other jobs. They also took care of the fire, by gathering firewood and keeping the house warm, while also preparing meals, cleaning and washing. They worked from the sunup to sundown making sure the house was clean, the meals were made, the livestock was taken care of and the children were taken care of, and fed. Took care of both the children, the livestock and the husband when he became ill.     B.   The women had a few legal  rights, the men dominated the society and life in the colonies.Men dominated the  society and women were “subservient to the men in her family such as her father and brothers.” ( “Colonial Women ***.” Landofthebrave.info. N. p., 2018. Web. 1 Jan. 2018) They had no right to vote, own property, serve on juries, or hold/form public office. Widowed women had some rights, such as making a will, sueing, acting as a guardian and they received one-third in the personal property. Most widowed woman quickly remarried. Married women lost all legal identity, all property and good owned by the woman was given to her husband.She also could not make a will, buy property, make a contract, and could not sue or be sued in court. C.  Woman entered a life of indentured servitude, to free themselves to a life of independence.Women who were captured from Africa did the same work as men.  (Johnson,1)  That work included working at home or in the fields.     2.  Planter families usually hired white women as indentured servants.The woman were there to nurse and take care of the children. (Sarah, 1)      3. In Massachusetts indentured servants such as woman and children  had a few leisure times.There was gambling, dancing and religious clubs held for the indentured servants.Marriage between a servant girl and free man took place, this marriage  allowed for the servant girl to be free. Many masters taught their indentured servants to read, write and arithmetic. D. Puritan woman, and Native Indian woman, all played major roles in their lifetime.The Puritans brought with them their strict religious values to the New World, they also faced different statuses in different Puritan communities. As stated in the article, the Roles of Women in The Colonies, “woman be subordinate to her husband and dedicate herself to rearing “God-fearing” children to the best of her ability.” (  Lumen 2-3) In New England puritan woman never worked in the field with their husbands, but in German communities many women did work in the fields and stables. German and Dutch communities also granted woman more control over property, this although was not see in New EnglandThe German and Dutch wives were also allowed to own their own clothes, and write wills. The Puritan woman did not have much say in their community and that showed emencily in the Salem Witch Trials.            1. Many women were killed for being convicted for witchcraft, their word  of innocence was not taken.   2.  Native Indian women were obliged to do almost everything in their tribes.Men generally were responsible for warfare, hunting and fishing, women on the other hand managed internal operations, owned family’s housing, household goods and raised the children. ” Europeans  described American Indian Woman as “slaves” to the men because of the perceived differences in their labor, compared to European women.” ( Pearson 1) E. Woman eventually received more freedom and respect during the end of the nineteenth century.They received this honor because of their duties during the American Revolution. Women scavenged for food, cooked, sewed, did laundry, and performed all of the essential housekeeping tasks that the army could not organize for itself. ( Scott and Lebsock 8)    2. They marched on the frontlines with the army, they were there to tend the injured, and help in any way possible. They received little to no recognition for their bravery and outstanding roles in their time.   3. The Revolution failed to bring significant rights to women, but there was a subtle change in status. There were many movements to receive women’s’ rights, for example, the Women’s Rights Movement,  and the Suffrage Movement.Women didn’t receive the right to vote until 1920, when the Nineteenth Amendment was passed.  Their bravery in the battlefield, and their will to fight for their rights paid off eventually, because  they did receive the respect they always should have gotten. III. Conclusion:In light of the above discussion, Women between the years of 1650-1750 in Colonial America, lived a life of unfairness, and mistreatment, but they played an important role during this period and on. Puritan, American Indian, and indentured woman all played major roles in their lifetime. Their bravery during the American Revolution will also not be forgotten. “I want to be remembered as someone who used herself and anything she could touch to work for justice and freedom… I want to be remembered as one who tried.”  stated by, Dorothy Height.