There etc. in many cases women have surpassed

There is a pre-conceived notion among the population of the world at large; women are generally considered less than men. Even after giving men and women equal right in the society we find women continues to struggle for her rights.

Women have constantly proved her in all the fields of life. She has performed excellently at home, office, sports, education etc. in many cases women have surpassed men. For example these days we see more percentage of women completed their graduation compared to men.

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Following are some of the reasons why women can be a better politician than men.

I. Studies have shown women have better IQ than men.

II. Women have great organizing skills.

III. There better organizing skills and smartness helps them in becoming a better leader.

IV. Women by nature are more concerned with hygiene related factors compared to men and thus maintain the work environment cleaner and germ free. A study from San Diego State University found that men’s desks and offices have higher percentage of germs than women’s.

V. Women are better at seeking comfort. They are more kind and soft by nature.

VI. Women have greater immunity that makes them less prone to sickness, and have better chances of survival when met with accidents and thus live greater years compared to men.

More and more women are encouraged to join politics especially in developed countries. Women as a politician will give greater importance to women rights and help in developing policies that will enhance the importance and respect of women.

Women in politics will bring a greater social change to the society, nation and world at large. We will see more and more women living their dream life and participating in every field. It will drastically reduce the inequality between men and women.


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