Many college students. How some of us

Many people have busy lives, especially someone who has to juggle more than one
task per day. The people in particular that I am talking about are college
students. How some of us have jobs and need jobs that help keep us in school.

The tough part is that we have to spend most of our time on school which leaves
very little time for work, even thought we do have to work to make a decent
amount of money. So, since work and school are apart of everyones life,
either if you just work or go to school they both involve a good amount of your
life and time. On the other hand, going to work and school at the same time can
make it tough to concentrate on one even tough you have to do both. One thing
that students need to know is time management. It is ok to work and go to
school, but each person has to give a reasonable amount of time for both. Many
students, like myself, like to work, and we will sometimes do that more than
school. In contrast we have to give the same if not more time to school. The
reason for this is because probably the job you are working now is not going to
get you that high paying job that you will be looking for when you are out of
school. Students have to remember that and not put all of their time into work.

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Some people like myself feel obligated you work more since we have more time out
of class than we did in high school. Another thing that I notice myself doing is
going to work right after school which leaves only a little time to do homework
and that is at like 10 oclock at night. Most of the time that homework will
not get done because we are to tired from working all night. So, we will put it
off until the night before it is due. I, personally am a procrastinator, will
put things off until the night before it is due and start it then. Everyone
needs to know the value of time management. Not being able to put the right
amount of time to the most important thing is not a good habit. Everyone needs
to get their priorities in order, or toughing it out get the hard stuff done
first and relax and have fun later. If everyone does this there will be less
stress and people will feel much better about themselves. Also, people will have
more free time and be able to do al the things they have been wanting to do.

Plus if you keep putting things off and doing them at the last minute you could
miss out on doing something more enjoyable. On the flip side people need to know
how to time manage work too, since people have to also put most of their time
towards work. The reason I say this is because many students like myself want to
work many hours to make money. The problem with this is we pick a bad time to
work these hours. We really should either wait until school is out to work many
hours or on our breaks. Also, we have to put our priorities in order. What is
going to mean more to us in the future a dead end job or school that is going to
get us a degree and a high paying job. Some of us do not see this is because we
are making a decent amount of money, but what we should see is that the money we
making now is nothing to what we could make. According to history of Americans
we were brought up to work, and if time school, but now the times have changed.

In todays world we are brought up to value education and use our education to
get a job. Back in the early 1900s children were forced to work with their
families. and if they had time went to school. An education did not mean as much
as it does now. Also, people did not need an education to be successful they
learned a trade that was probably taught to them by their father. That was how
people made a living back then. People can do the same now by learning a trade,
but some people still want a degree that will help them get