You know some places this is really affecting

You have probably heard people talk about it or you head the word but do you really know what it means?Well look no further I  will explain it.       Water pollution is  when water gets polluted and that means like for  example throw a gum wrapper in an ocean that pollution and its much more of a problem then you might think.This is a big problem in places a (if you want to know some places this is really affecting those will be in chapter 4).It’s important to know what is going on in the world and water pollution is one of the things to know what’s going on.       You might be wondering why this is important  and what’s the big deal I I mean littering can’t   affect things that much right? WRONG! According to 70% of our wast is going to bodys of oceans so that’s more the half of our trash is going to the ocean! So next time think twice about  throwing your garbage in the ocean on a summer vacation or any body of ocean. Chapter 2  What  harmful things that pollution can do?So you may be asking yourself how this affects the invermen? despite just it looking dirty. Well actually there is quite a lot of things that our   waste can do to the ocean life,us and the ocean itself.One of the things that can be bad for the environment and sea life is plastic like for example a straw thrown in the  sea might not seen as harmful and isn’t right ? Wrong! A video went viral of a poor sea turtle that had a straw stuck up his nose! People that saw this happen did take care of the turtle to make sure it was ok and saved the turtles life.This is one example of our waste that goes in oceans/lakes and rivers and the harmful things it can do to animals.Another way this affects the environment is that if we keep trashing our oceans/lakes and rivers then water can become unsafe to drink and this is a big problem in the world because some people might drink the water untreated and can really get them sick or and might poison them which is not good thing.Also another way that pollution can harm animals is not just plastic but also contaminated water can be very harmful to animals that live in oceans/lakes and rivers since it’s their home and they are swimming around in that water and breathing it.It’s like a person breathing polluted air all the time and the chemicals which actually some people in China have to deal with do to pollution since most things are made in china factories and the air which can cause lots of pollution.Finally another way that polluting water is bad for the environment is because if we don’t stop what’s going on or try to prevent it according”pollution solution between 1% to 11% of all marine life succumbed to extinction every year of the 40 year period between 1975-2015″ so imagine if we don’t stop this the risks. Chapter 3     How can we help the cause?So knowing some of the harmful things that can happen to the oceans/lakes and rivers I bet you want to change this and is as concerned about it as I am so I will show you some things that you can do to help the environment.Let’s start off with a simple task that you might think is obvious but lots of people forget to do or are to lazy to do it.That is to simply throw away the garbage in the garbage can it’s very simple but some people are lazy and  don’t do it but something as simple as that can actually cause a big problem not only for the water but for the whole environment.So make sure to throw your garbage away. But there are also some that you didn’t know were bad either like for example one thing that can also be harmful is if the things you throw in the sink like paint/ink and  other things that you throw down there can also be harmful to the ocean life as well.So be careful of what you throw down in the sink. Thus most people won’t care no matter what people tell them and worn them about what’s gonna  happen but if you see someone throwing garbage in the water or on land stop them or throw it in the garbage can for them.Something else you can do is clean up a place you see is very trashed maybe even invite your friends to help you and that will be appreciated to many people.Once I remember I was in Mexico Mazatlan and I was by the ocean and I saw a girl with a man that looked like her bad and they were going around cleaning the ocean and seeing if there was any garage this really made me fuzzy inside seeing people that really do care about this world and want to make it a better place for everyone.These are just some of the things that you can do to help the environment and make a difference in the world and the best thing is that there is not limit or age to do this anyone can help out so remember that we have a choice to either notice it and do something about it to help our environment or to ignore it and let it get worse.